Full heal BW by lemons

Full heal BW

By: lemons
Last Updated: Jul 5, 2018
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Build: Blinkarino

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Full heal BW Top

This brightwing build has alotted me a 60%+ winrate. Of my 400 Brightwing games, this build is by far my favorite to play as it is the most fun and allows for a field medic style of play for BW. She is able to sustain the front line, while being able to use her backline/creeps to get out when things get too hot. Being a nuisance as brightwing is essential to keeping your team alive. Typically at level 7, most people go the shield talent, but I opt for the reduced soothing mist cooldown. Since brightwing lacks burst heal until level 10, this allows you to spam as many abilities as you can in fights, turning your mana into health for your team. Which is especially strong on maps such as Battlefield of Eternity or Immortal Shrines. Any map that causes your team to group of for objective, this is the build for it.

Beware or heroes that can stop you in your tracks. You can get away from most roots, but when they start to stack your health will disappear in a flash. Heroes that are able to chase you are also very dangerous, such as Zeratul/Valeera/Genji. These heroes you need to avoid like the plague, just play more reserved, blink in only when necessary. Since at level 1 you go the phase shift talent, you can also use that to get away when things get too hot.

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