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By: Nepheridus
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Full Push Gazpro Top

Hey everyone! I have been playing gazlowe for a couple of weeks and well i have realized that gazlowe i believe is super underplayed hero and most gazlowes that i have usually play against just dont seem to be aggro enough.

Anywho, here is my build to check out. In this build its all about Farming in the early lvls and pushing super hard after lvl 10. I have chosen to have First Aid (Tier 3) Talent BECAUSE its actually a super strong heal that i think is not being used enough although Mercenary Lord is still a really decent talent i just favor more for self healing. As far as the Tier 7 Talent i usually switch between Mecha-Lord or Fury of the storm. (Depending on the situation of course). Over all with this build i have managed to do 350k+ in Siege Damage but pushing you not only applies alot of pressure when trying to fulfill the objectives but also have to remember the more you keep up the xp flow means more your team mates can focus as a group on 1: objectives 2: Helping push as well.

Well Thank you for reading and checking it out. If you anyone has any questions just hit me up.

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