Gazlowes push / team build guide by strykershottybang

Gazlowes push / team build guide

By: strykershottybang
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2015
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Falstad has a longer range on abilities so its hard to reach him with this build

Intro Top

SO i have seen build after build on gazlowe and i've played most of them. the thing about it is most of these build's seem to loose some aspect of gaz being able to dominate team battles. they use him as a support with turrets on team battles and stuns but expect him to fall off when doing hero dps. they may use him as a lane pusher, getting merc camps and just gaining overall xp. Then you have the epic solo boss build, and all of these are good builds but they lack when needing to really cover all your bases. this build allows for; 2 hero boss, lane pusher, xp dominator, and hero & siege dps. in this build you need to learn to regulate your mana pool you will get mana from scrap but if you burn through it with out thinking about the future you will regret it.

this is just a solo QM i happen to loose by 1% but it should give you an idea of game play style

Break it down over extra tnt Top

break it down over extra TNT...... now with in the first four levels you will be saying why did i pick this. Just waist a second, now i want you to think about this. When you pick extra TNT you get at max a 100% bonus damage if you are lvl 16 and do 400 dmg if you have 10 creeps heroes ext in there you now do 800 dmg. and thats great but now u have a cool down on top of that if you miss or there arent enough creeps your SOL. with this build creeps = scrap = quick cool down = more turrets + more stuns + faster cooldown on ulti = more overall dps then you would get from extra tnt especially if you get into pushing and get a wall and a tower down then you get 6 turrets up and rape.

reduse, reuse, recycle Top

boost to the amount of scrap you get helps with mana as well as CD on abilities

rocket turret XL Top

Now rocket turret XL is my #1 pick about 90% of the time in this you just do more dps to heroes so your team can pick them off 1 shot at 100% 2 more shots at 50% x3 turrets at lvl 16 x3 more if your boosted + 2 stuns + ulti + more stuns if boosted. if timed right you can have the entire team on a infinite stun from lvl 16 on if you have the mana.

Grav o bomb Top

in this build the other ulti is pretty much useless. gave combo is way better for a combo wombo attack which is turrets stun grave bomb stun stun stun stun. btw destroy your turrets if your in a pinch in a team battle for CD time or mana on a stun or needed for a grave bomb, however most of the time you team battle with creeps around so you dont need to take your turrets down for scrap.

turret storeage Top

self explained. however you can go between this and speed i prefer the turrets this way i dont have to worry i can max turrets up no matter what happens, but with the break it down you usually can get 5-6 turrets as long as creeps are around dieing.

kwik release charge Top

needed for a combo wombo. stun stun stun stun stun. im telling you if gaz had a little bigger mana pool my god infinte stuns combo wombo ( turrets, stun, ulti, stun, stun, stun. usually you will get creeps in stun area and they drop scrap so you just keep droping stuns asap stun delay time 4 sec stun time 2 sec grave bomb delay 2 sec so if you time it right drop a stun wait 2 sec drop a grave bomb then another stun and another it becomes a constant stun especially if you have a tank like anub or johanna

mini black whole Top

you get a giant aoe circle always always always this.. you cant run from a black whole!!!!

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