God Bless Brightwing by nageboo

God Bless Brightwing

By: nageboo
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2016
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Build: Healing master.

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Anub'arak Nub is one most dangerous Heroes against healers. If Anub'arak uses hes Cocoon ult he will be most annoying Hero in the game. Be careful against Anub because it is under second and you are out played and you cant help team.
Illidan Be very careful Illidan can attack you anywhere you are with hes ult. When you play against Illidan and he tries kill you try use you R or W for survival.
  No Threat
Li-Ming Li-Ming is very powerful and dangerous against healers. He can hit shes Q about 1500 damage if player uses Q build. So keep your eyes open when you play against Li-Ming.

Build Talents Explain Top

1.(level 1) Talent reason is simple. Your team needs healer every fights and this talent will make it possible.
2.(level 4) Talent reason is because if your team start bossing you can easily give them vision very large area and it will help you reveal invisible enemies (like Nova and Zeratul).
3.(level 7) Talent reason is simple. You can heal faster ;D (Helps your team a lot!)
4.(level 10) Talent reason... Because Emerald Wind is so **** you don't ever need it anywhere.
5.(level 13) Talent reason. Here is talent level where you can choose. You can take Pixie Boost as well but i recommend Shield Dust more.
6.(level 16) Talent reason. Here you can choose my mostly used Hardened Focus Passive or pick one others. All of them are useful and good. But Hardened Focus help you most.
7.(level 20) Talent reason. There is two good option. You can choose Storm Shield or Better Heal. I am using mostly Revitalizing Mist because it is evil and makes Brightwing master healer. (Heals 350 almost every second your allies + your R heal = Unlimited)

Q Talent Top

Brightwing Q is very slow but damage is good. Try use Q for towers and minions mostly. It is useful against heroes too but it is hard to aim then try find stunned or rooted enemies.

W Talent Top

Brightwing W is one most important talents on Brightwing. It helps your team a lot on team fight and your Q aiming. Remember use W smart against enemies. I try mostly use W enemy healer if possible. Example: If you see anub'arak is coming on your way hes E. You use your W on him before Anub'arak uses hes R.

E Talent Top

Brightwing E is very powerful for hunting low hp enemies or helping low hp allies. It works fine moving faster place to place but mostly you have always Z and R Talents for moving.

R Talent Top

Brightwing R is yours most important Talent. You can use it escape or heal or finding new position fast. Example for escape: Lest play if butcher uses hes E you can easily try find one of your allies and teleport him and if possible you can teleport another your allies.

Update as soon as possible. Top

I will make later more information of this build when i have time :) Give feed back too!

I will add more threats information too.

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