How to and How Not to Play Zagara by midigun

How to and How Not to Play Zagara

By: midigun
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
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Threats to Zagara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul Can sneak up on you and stick to you
Tracer High mobility, very difficult to hit with skillshots or get away from
  No Threat
Nova Can sneak up on you and blow you up
Genji Can engage you from afar and stick to you. If caught alone vs Genji, you are pretty much dead.
Illidan Can engage you from afar and stick to you. If caught alone vs Illidan, you are pretty much dead.
  No Threat

General Strategy Top

Your goals as Zagara, as with most push heroes, are:
    - Win your lane by reducing turret ammo, forcing enemy to use fountain, and possibly take a tower. DON'T DIE.
    - Get mercs at opportune time (a little before or right when the map objectives start)
    - Push back any lanes that your team is losing

That being said, DO NOT IGNORE YOUR TEAM. You should always prioritize the map objective and go to help your team unless:
    - Your team is down 1 or more members and you have no chance at getting the objective without putting the other team ahead
    - Your team is giving up the objective and you can't fight for it alone
    - You can get more structure damage done by pushing than the other team can be pushing the objective

In general, you want to push a lane and get a merc camp or two just before the map objectives spawn. Then help your team get the objective.

Laning Top

Zagara is a strong laner.

    - Push your opponent away from the wave by using Hydralisk on them. Very few heroes can deal with the hydra at early levels and they usually will back off, and take a good chunk of damage if they don't get out of its range.
    - With Level 1 baneling talent, aim your banelines from the side so that they hit 4-6 minions with splash. If you aim them straight at the front row, that is wasting 40-50% of potential DPS. Use creep and bushes to angle your shots well, using Hydra to get your opponent out of your way.
    - Pay attention to the minimap. You are a gank target, especially for gank heroes like Genji, Tracer, Nova, etc.

    - Don't spam your spells if you don't need to. You are mana dependent and your goal is to push your opponent into using fountain or backing, not push yourself into doing that. If you fountain and your opponent doesn't, you are in a worse position for 1st objective.
    - Don't use Hydralisk unless there are minions around to tank for it. It will die quickly and not get much damage out.
    - Don't spam roaches on your enemy's towers without minions nearby. They will die too quickly and waste your mana, only getting 2-4 ammo from the towers. Not worth it.
    - DON'T GET GANKED. You have Creep Tumors which can function as vision wards. You should have no excuse to get ganked most of the time.

Team Fighting Top

    - Stay as far back as possible. It is not worth getting in range to autoattack their backline most of the time. You should be relying on Hydralisks, Roaches, and sometimes, Banelings to do damage.
    - Drop Creep Tumors during a fight to help yourself out.
    - Auto-attack anyone within range. Just because you aren't in range of the backline doesn't mean you can't DPS with your autoattack.
    - Know when to back out. If your team is losing a fight, you need to get the hell out faster than other heroes, because you are slow and have no escapes. It is easy for the enemy team to catch up to you and make you their dinner. MMMM zerg.
    - Do try to zone out any flankers with your Hydralisk/Roaches. If a squishy tries to come up on you from the side of the fight, drop your spells on them and run away. They will most likely have to back off to get out of range of the summons.

    - Don't try to flank or go in deep. You will get blown up faster than a firework on 4th of July.
    - Don't waste all your spells on a tank. Wait until you can at least get them into the mid-line of the enemy team so they have a chance at doing some valuable damage.
    - Don't ignore teamfights because you want to push a tower.

Using your Global Top

Ways to use your Nydus Network:
    - Keep all lanes pushed. Zagara is best for 3 lane maps so she can get the most out of Nydus Network. You can keep a Nydus in safe distance behind each lane so you can go quickly between lanes and push them.
    - An escape. If you are in enemy territory and feel unsafe, drop a Nydus in a bush so you have an out if needed.
    - Healing. Remember you get healed and regenerate mana VERY quickly inside, so you don't need to drop one at spawn. Just hop in regen and then hoip back out. If the Nydus dies while you are inside it, you will pop out wherever it was.

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