How to Play - Grandmaster - Tassadar by Vokroo

How to Play - Grandmaster - Tassadar

By: Vokroo
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016
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Build: Disc Priest

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How to Play Top

Plasma Shield should be cast on cooldown on whoever is taking or about to take damage. Once you get Khala's Embrace at level 7, keep it up on everything you can, with this priority: Teammates > Yourself > Buildings > Minions. If you running low on mana, do not cast it on buildings or minions.

Psionic Storm is your bread and butter waveclear. Toss in it the middle of waves. During teamfights, try to target an enemy that is stunned or slowed to ensure you receive the maximum amount of damage.

Dimensional Shift makes Tassadar the hardest hero to kill ingame. Juke big stuns and big damage with this. Lategame it becomes a massive selfheal.

Force Wall requires a lot of practice to know the proper way to use it. Focus on isolating a member of the enemy team or peeling for your team. Force Barrier makes this alot easier to use.

Oracle Don't forget to use this! Use it when you think Zeratul or Nova are nearby. Use it when you are capturing a big objective, such as a boss. Use it when the enemy team is missing. You should NEVER be caught unawares as Tassadar. The timing on this skill is surprisingly difficult to learn. Just keep at it and make a note of when you used it when you shouldn't or didn't use it when you needed it. The use of this ability varies map to map.

Archon should be activated in teamfights. This also gives you giant self-shield.

You get a bubble! And you get a bubble! And you get a bubble! EVERYONE GETS A BUBBLE! Top

Level 10:
Archon can be taken if your team needs more damage. Unfortunately, it has been nerfed nearly every patch, so it really doesn't do much at all now.

Level 13:
Shrink Ray can be taken if the enemy has a single high priority target. I tried it for awhile, but I recommend Prescience.

Level 16:
You can take Evasive Shielding. Although it is a very good talent, Dimensional Warp has too much synergy with Prescience to give up. I recommend Evasive Shielding if you get Shrink Ray.

Level 20:
All of these talents are good. Storm Shield can be taken if you need more AoE shielding, which is always useful. Force Barrier makes your wall a lot more deadly and precise. Rewind can be taken if you need more single target shielding and, of course, Twilight Archon can be taken if you have previously taken Archon. I recommend Storm Shield or Force Barrier in nearly all situations. Storm Shield is my first choice because it is always reliable. You might not need Force Barrier in the gamechanging fight, but Storm Shield is always useful.

Tassadar has a surprising amount of depth as well as a team that can capitalize on his strengths: built in lifesteal and increased max health through his level 4 and 7 talents. Good luck!

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