Hunker Down by Crosser

Hunker Down

By: Crosser
Last Updated: May 22, 2015
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Build: Hunker Down

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Why Should I use this build? Top

This build will be used for:
Backing up heroes pushing lanes
Mid Game - Taking mercenary camps and controlling objectives
Late game - Taking out entire teams in one fell swoop

Pro Tips
* Select D and choose a nearby turret to scrap it before you leave the area in order to reclaim some mana.

* At level 16 you have one of the strongest combos in the game. During a team fight shoot your TNT in the middle of the enemy team followed instantly by Grav-O-Bomb in the same spot and then another TNT. This will pull enemies in doing damage, then the first TNT will explode doing damage and stunning for 2 seconds and then the second TNT will trigger doing more damage and another 2 seconds of stun. In most cases whoever was trapped will not live to tell the tale.

How and when to use talents Top

Extra TNT :

Early game - helps us to destroy waves of minions quicker and push lanes to get early fort kills.

Mid game - we will use it to control space and push enemies away from objectives.

Late game - we will be keeping groups of enemy stunned for up to 4 seconds in team fights.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

All game - Keeps our turrets up at all times and TNT available when needed.

Engine Gunk:

Early Game - Helps us control lanes

Mid Game - Helps us get away when in trouble by laying turrets down as we run, slowing pursuers.

All Game - Helps in team fights stopping low health enemies from getting away.

Grav-O-Bomb 3000:

Mid Game - Helps in small team fights and getting away from enemies.

Late Game - Destroys enemy team in large team fights when used with TNT.

Turret Storage:

Mid Game - Helps take down Camps and forts quicker as well as control objectives like Tribute.

Late Game - Adds major DPS to team fights

Kwik Release Charge:

Late Game - Keeps enemy team at bay or stunned in team fights.

Miniature Black Hole:

Late Game - Ensures entire enemy team is destroyed during team fights.

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