I bite.... a lot by Shupler

I bite.... a lot

By: Shupler
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2016
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Intro Top

Hello everyone my name is Shupler and I play competitively as a support. Here I will showcase my Comprehensive guide to playing the Support Hero Rehgar. I will first talk about his strengths and weaknesses, talent build, then overall playstyle. Lightning Shield build has long dominated since Rehgar's recent rework, but with recent nerfs to Lightning Shield, I believe my bite build will come to dominate the meta as I find it to be far superior. I think totem build is garbage tbh as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses Top

Rehgar right now is a top support pick, and for good reason. His burst single target heals now rival Lt. Morales and his aoe heals Kharazim (pre 16). Now that Ghost Wolf has charge with bite, Rehgar is probably the most mobile hero in combat.

Weaknesses.... Ancestral Healing got nerfed, oh well.

Talent 1 - Wolf Run Top

  • This talent may have some potential if you combine it with level 16 Earthgrasp Totem, but other talents for both these levels are just too good to pass up.
  • I see a lot of Lightning Shield builds with this talent and frankly I don't see the appeal. I've never had trouble hitting people with Lightning Shield and neither should you.
  • This is my choice for level 1. Not only can you move/rotate quicker, you are more agile to dodge abilities and get away from danger. I find this talent very important since you will most likely be biting enemy champions, putting yourself in danger.
  • If I did go Lightning Shield build this would be the talent I'd take. But I still feel the heal build is overall superior.

Talent 4 - Feral Heart Top

  • This talent used to be the go to pick at level 1, but it was moved to level four and its effectiveness reduced by a third. Remember, before the rework, Reghar's Chain Heal costed 75 mana. It's 65 mana now and this talent still reduces the cost to the same number before the rework (45).
  • This is just a great talent, This allows Reghar to sustain heal much better than otherwise. Also, the health regen greatly increases his own survival chances as he will be biting in battle.
  • This would be the next talent for the Lightning Shield build. I still think the heal build is superior.
  • with all the aoe abilites and choke point it's hard to find a good spot to place this without it being destroyed very quickly. The other healing talents just outweigh this one.

Talent 7 - Blood and Thunder Top

  • This talent goes great with Bite Build. The two second reduction already boosts your Chain Heal by >20%, but also reduces cooldowns of other abilities to better facilitate the needs of your team at any given time.
  • This talent could have some applications, but I still love the 20% additional healing.
  • If the enemy team has a lot of heavy cc take this talent. Otherwise take Blood and Thunder .
  • Not worth it for 20% healing, place the totem in a good spot the first time and its all gucci.

Talent - 10 Ancestral Healing Top

  • Even with the recent nerf, as a Healer, pick the healing ult.
  • No. Bad Dog.

Talent 13 - Tidal Waves Top

  • This talent isn't bad and went really well with Lightning Shield build, but this talent solo is just on a health pool basis and looses strength on targets that are more likely to need it.
  • This will increase Chain Heal by >30%.
  • his talent just doesn't do enough compared to Tidal Waves, and also puts a niche dangerous setting where this would have to work.

Talent 16 - Hunger of the wolf Top

  • Although this buff is quite significant, other options at this lvl are better.
  • This talent is almost equivalent to have 9 Blood for Blood or highly comparable to. Not only does this provide you with additional healing to better protect yourself when you bite. It allows you to greatly punish tanks trying to go hard on your back line.
  • Your not a damage dealer. Stop messing around.

Talent 20 - Storm Shield Top

  • This is a decent talent, but with Ancestral Healing being nerfed, and Xul's Mortal Wound I don't think it's the best option.
  • No.
  • This used to be the go to talent for me but since bite build puts Chain Heal to 4 second cooldown, this makes Rewind kind of useless.
  • Great extra aoe heal for when you need it.

Fighting Top

The great part about the changes is for that the most part Reghar can be played as normal ( pre Lightning Shield build). However, before the team fight begins get out of wolf form asap. You want to be able to Chain Heal then immediately bite. Do not bite to engage!! wait for others to need help before you first bite in, otherwise your asking to die.

Goodbye Top

I hope you enjoyed this guide and are able to take something away from it.

If you liked this guide please follow me on twitter @ShuplerHOTS

For more gaming content, feel free to check out my twitch account, Shupler www.twitch.tv/shupler

Happy Gaming

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