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I got your back bro!

By: TacoRich
Last Updated: Sep 6, 2014
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Build: DPS/Push Build

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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Tassadar His Psionic Storm can hit you from behind the walls, so watch out for the enemy combos.
Falstad Range damage just hurts but can Z button your way out of it.
Illidan He can hop over walls and cut you down faster then you can click your z button to safety.
Sgt. Hammer Her range attacks can get you from behind a wall and in three to four hits your dead.
Nova One of the most hated heroes towards you. She can straight up ruin your plans quick.

Bio: Top

TacoRich plays Abathur full time and streams his play on what to do right with Abathur game play as the game unfolds.

Introduction Top

Abathur is a specialist hero. His a hero that does not engage in one on one combat as himself. His job is to deep tunnel to strategical areas on the map and to have really good map awareness of what's going on and what is about to transition. His goal is to support and defend heroes and structures, as well as pushing creep camps and aiding with element of surprise by cloning your teams hero to help in a fight.

Combat Trait - Locust Strain Top

Every 20 second, Abathur will spawn a single locust from his location that will move to the nearest lane as a beefier minion. Locust Strain is an extremely strong passive ability that can very effectively put a lot of pressure on any lane that Abathur decides to deep tune too and completely done passively. The great thing about this passive ability is the fact that its for one passive and you don't have to do anything and second it creates a lot of lane pressure for the enemy team.

Talent Breakdown Top

YES Survival Instincts: Extra health locusts can take more hits from the tower and enemy heroes. Also combos very well with level 16 Locust Swarm. With this at level one it gives your lane that extra lane pressure for your opposing team to deal with, which will always require one enemy hero to stick around to deal with the locust.
NO Eradicate Minions: Its great for clearing creep waves but in the late game this talent falls off. Plus it has no effect towards Heroes.
NO Combat Adaption: This talent is hit or miss, if the enemy team has a lot of squishies take this because they are expecting to push fast with dps. You can take creep camps fairly fast with this talent and in some games its about those few seconds that can change the course of the game.
NO Envenomed Nest: Another talent that falls off in late game. I honestly feel toxic nests needs a slight buff to damage, isn't enough to warrant stacking nest together for a hero kill. Nest are great for deep tunneling to that location and popping mounts and stealth heroes.
NO Scouting Drone: Just don't bother getting this pointless talent, when your nest can do the same thing and last longer.

YES Barbed Spines: This talent is a game changer in the early game, but as you get into the mid game it starts to fall. Its a good ability to pick up because it helps in taking creep camps solo in the later stages of the game and helps secure that last hit on a enemy heroes. I find myself firing this three times dropping symbiote and recasting the ability to get another three set of stab attacks.
NO Pressurized Glands: You only take this if you took eradicate minions talent. Other then that, this is just a harass tool to pop stealth heroes in the area and maybe get a last hit for a kill.
NO Ballistospores: Take it if you took Envenomed Nest talent or you feel you like to have mobility to be anywhere on the map. I haven't done enough testing to see if the harassment is worth it for this talent.
NO Promote: If you have a Murky or a Gazlowe on your team do not get this. If they have a Abathur who does get this you need to counter by choosing this talent. I only say no cause I like a little extra dps in team fights.

YES Grooved Spines: This complements the Barbed Spines talent. I can't remember how many times I missed the killing blow cause I didn't have the range. This range helps with poking people off dragon spawn summoning.
NO Vile Nest: If you picked up the other two talents then sure but for me a two second slow is not strong enough to put a talent point in. Plus when I cast toxic nest near a fight, most of the time AOE destroys them before they have a chance to do damage.
NO Regenerative Microbes: If you don't have a support with healing then take this talent. It heals for 7 health per second, which duration of Carapace is 8 seconds so that's [email protected] then +2 per level tacked on to the heal per second. I just feel its a little weak and could use a tiny buff.
NO Calldown: MULE I played around with this talent and its good if the other team is just wanting to push towers, but from the maps I have seen its just too easy to smash structures down, IE Curse, Ship Cannon Fire, Grave Golem, Dragon, and Garden Terror. When your up against a team, they don't solo walls they come as a huge team followed by a creep camp.

YES Ultimate Evolution: This is your one and only ultimate, its a weaker version of the copied hero of your choosing plus no talents either just the ult talent :/. My best advice when using this ult is to know when to call'em/fold'em/an when to go all in. Basically meaning you see nothing going on, but you have a friendly pushing creep camps use your ult and help. You see a friendly pushing enemy base use your ult and give them a hand and most importantly when you see a team fight take the hero with the best chance to do a lot of damage or healing depending on your team setup and your enemies team.

YES Assault Strain: This talent is taken, because you put points for your locust and for the Locust Swarm talent you will be taking at level 16. This talent takes you out of your weak mid game and sets you on pace for your really strong late game. This talent is a reason why I don't take Eradicate Minions cause this does the job without me having to be in symbiote mode.
NO Bombard Strain: Its weaker then Assault Strain when it comes to creep wave clearing. Good for towers but I feel its not worth it having it out of range of turrets.
NO Spatial Efficiency: In the late game the stab becomes weak and it just feels like locust pressure seems to have more of an effect on the game then one addition stab.
NO Prolific Dispersal: If you went toxic nest for all your talents then sure take it but for this build this talent doesn't warrant enough presents in a game especially late game.

YES Locust Swarm: This is when Abathur goes super saiyan. You will be spending most of your time dropping nest and deep tunneling to creep camps and just pushing like the beast you where made to be. The trick is to hit the creep camp first and then spawn the locus swarm and then finally pop into symbiote on one of the locust (preferably the one that's got the attention), take the creep camp and rinse and repeat.
When your team goes in for a fight drop locust swarm and then go into ultimate evolution. THESE LOCUSTS HIT LIKE A TRUCK!
NO Envenomed Spikes: If you took the other spike talents sure. It synergies well with a few heroes like Demon Hunter and Zeratul. But value for late game the swarm still wins out.
NO Adrenaline Boost: Not enough value compared to locust swarm. Plus you could get your friendly heroes killed if they are not expecting you to Carapace.

YES Evolution Master: Decrease cooldown and increase length of use.... SIGN ME UP!
NO Bolt of the Storm: Nice try blizzard but your troll failed. If you ever played LoL, just think of it as flash on a hero that doesn't partake in one on one combat. Just ignore this talent at all cost.

Early Game Top

Your job is small at first but try to get yourself in a position where you can drop toxic

Late Game Top

Coming Soon...

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