Imperius Versatile Build by SpherisCore

Imperius Versatile Build

By: SpherisCore
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
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Build: Complete Versatility

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1: Consuming Flame give you more burst damage and waveclear, when you complete the quest you have a better slow which is very impactful. Impaling Light looks like a good idea, but you should pick your engages carefully anyway, and have the cooldown reduced will cause even more mana problems than Imperius already has. Burn The Impure is decent.

4: Battle Hunger is the only option as it is the only consistent and spread out sustain talent on this tier.

7: Holy Fervor is the only thing you can pick, it boosts your waveclear and damage, but it also synergises with Battle Hunger and Molten Armor as you can consume all marks from heroes in front of you at once.

10: Honestly this is your choice, but I prefer Wrath of the Angiris because it's a self-cleanse (however situational) and it's a great isolation/peel/escape/engage tool!

13: Heat of Battle is your go-to, simply more heal when you're low on health is busted. Divine Rage is good too, but remember that you don't have a lot of mana, so cooldown reduction is a gamble.

16: Melting Touch, day and night this is the only thing you can take, and you can reduce the armor of enemies in AOE with Holy Fervor

20: Impervious is nice to escape something or tank burst damage at once, otherwise I like Unrelenting Descent a lot (even if it is cooldown reduction). If you took the Angelic Armaments as your ultimate, do not hesitate and take Heavenly Host as well, you can now save your team, and it is most probably the reason why you took this ultimate in the first place.

Do not hesitate dt ask me if you have any questions, this is only my experience on the hero and you should play him the way you enjoy and control the most!

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