Jaina Sustained Damage - Morales Patch by Hagbard

Jaina Sustained Damage - Morales Patch

By: Hagbard
Last Updated: Oct 7, 2015
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Build: Jaina Sustained Damage

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Threats to Jaina with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tychus Do not engage him if you can't kill him quickly or you are in numerical advantage, you will hardly escape.
Nova Nova doesn't have a lot of utility for the team, she needs to gank to be useful, and we can easily set some talents to mitigate that.
Zeratul Stealth is a pain for squishies, but there is a variation of talents that are very good to mitigate his burst.
Zagara Beware her mutalisk, is a pain, try to Blizzard it if you are mid health
The Butcher He can burst you down very quickly, you should stay behind your team, if he goes after you odds are he is going to die in the hands for your allies.
Falstad Falstaad can pursuit you to the end of the world, and dodge your Blizzard.
  No Threat
Raynor Raynor can do a lot of damage to, heal trough your combo and push you back/stun you.
Thrall Thrall can heal, root, and burst for a ton, do not engage him 1v1
  No Threat

Abilities Top

(Q) Frostbolt
Frost bolt is a very versatile spell that is your main single target dps source and a good kiting tool.
(W) Blizzard
This is your bread and butter both for dps combo and wave clearing, it's optimal to use it after the target is chilled since both ticks will gain benefit from Frostbite
(E) Cone of cold
After level 16 you should use cone of cold with Blizzard every time you can, although if everything but this is on cd and your team is focusing a target you should use it to debuff the target.
(D) Frostbite
Jaina's trait chills the target each time you deal damage to it, it's your only kiting tool without the need for talents and your main source of damage since a chilled target is debuffed and receives more damage from Jaina's skills.

Heroics Top

(R) Ring of frost
This heroic is somewhat hard to land, but it provides amazing utility, combined with Uther Divine Storm, Zeratul Void Prison, E.T.C. Mosh Pit or any massive CC you can get amazing control in fights and it's the default choice.
(R) Summon water elemental
Is a viable option depending on you build, it does very good single target damage but it can be dps-ed down by AoE and you have to micro manage it.

Level 1 Top

Conjurer's Pursuit is the default choice for mana management, you can also go for Arcane Intellect at level 4 but you will miss on the buff on blizzard.

If you are confident on your mana usage Deep Chill is better.

Level 4 Top

snowtorm is just amazing, it allows you to hit more targets with blizzard in a team fight, also, since the diameter of the circle is larger is less likely your opponents will escape the two ticks of blizzard.

Arcane Intellect is an alternative for mana management but is not as good as Snowstorm.

Level 7 Top

Frostbitten is better for maps with a lot of adds, like Haunted Mines, Garden of Terror, Tomb of the Spider Queen.

ice land is an overall more consistent dps option, but Frostbitten still pulls ahead if you can land it on several heroes more often than not.

Frost Armor is not used enough in my opinion, it can prevent serious burst against you. You can nullify part of Nova's, Zerathul's and Raynor initiation. Use it if you are getting focused or enemy the team has a good stealth player, this is a dps increase since you will do more overall by staying alive (Bee Gees reference)

Level 10 - Heroic time baby! Top

If you have some experience using Jaina, landing RoF will be easier, it's similar to landing a good Blizzard, you have to track your enemies position and plan ahead for the delay explosion of RoF. If you do, Kudos, you have settled and amazing situation for your team.

If you are new to Jaina or you are not confident with RoF, Summon Water Elemental can be really good, just have in mind you have to use R + Click a target to make the most of out of it

Level 13 Top

All options are viable, is very situational.

Storm Front is the default, that range is amazing, you can land i safely to the enemies behind towers while pushing and it allows you to maintain an un-reachable position.

Improved Ice Block is very good against bursty opponents, if they have good stealth players is better to use this to complement Frost Armor and be very tanky.

Icy Veins great cooldown, with Ice Lance you will be farting frost bolt every second (literally), but again, the positioning that Storm Front gives and the tankiness of Improved Ice Block is way better.

Level 16 Top

Cone of Cold tier, basically.

Northern Exposure I love this talent, is so bursty! and since it debuff the target for all damage it provides a dps increase for all your party.

Numbing Blast is extra utility and it will allow you to land RoF with ease, use if you need more CC.

Snow Crash Unfortunately this talent shares tier with Numbing Blast if you could have both talents then 3 Blizzard ticks sounds creamy! but as it is, you would need a good RoF to max it out, so is not very good.

Level 20 Top

Bolt of the Storm is the only option in my opinion, it's just too good, at level 20 having the extra mobility is extremely useful, both to re-position, escape or pursuit a low health enemy (be VERY weary with this, don't be bloodthirsty, Jaina can be melted if you go Rambo mode!)

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