Joana can be inmortal by Joker_blood

Joana can be inmortal

By: Joker_blood
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018
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Build: Inmoral build

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The inmortal build Top

Laws of Hope At level 1 is real important so u can keep tanking and taking tons of damage, at hihg level is even much better u can keep spami all day long, Mana problems??

Eternal Retaliation will solve your problems, u can be solo lining if u want or when its time for Team Fight and ull be having mana and mana and mana.... cool downs? whats that?

Blessed Momentum this is so important, so ur cooldowns mana and health will be up faster and be continuous in the fight, soakin and soakin damage

Blessed shield u can use it offensive or defensive, if u are chasing.. throw it is amazing, if ur in the middle of the fight throw it... ur team needs to scape throw it... just make sure to check ur cooldowns, Blessed momentum will help u alot but, u may need it faster so just don't waste it

Roar give u so much damage, so you are not only soakin damage, when u have them together wow this thing hits reall hard!!

Holy Renewal amazing tool, especial when ur fighting auto attack enemys.. u just dont blind, u get nice health back, and again cooldowns are no so hard cuse Blessed Momentum + Laws of Hope + Eternal REtaliation... u will be fighting all day

Indestructible(i dont have the option to pick it here as a logo) IF they take u down... u have 4 seconds as a god so... what else u need? 4 secs u can cast all ur skills + Healer...

So sorry about my writing, english is not my main language; But this is an amazing build , Johana is so solid Tank, one of the best, so try it guys and u let me know if it works.

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