Kael'thas From Broken, To Broken by nightmarex334

Kael'thas From Broken, To Broken

By: nightmarex334
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2015
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Build: Watch The World Burn

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About Me Top

Hello, I'm a rank 1 Stellar Lotus' nightmare, I mainly play Ranged Assassins and Specialist's. I have been playing heroes for almost a year I started at the end of rehgar patch.

You can find me on twitter @SL_nightmare and at www.twitch.tv/nightmarex334

Introduction Top

Kael'thas KT for short, is a ranged mage, who excels at high AOE Due to Living Bomb and Flamestrike and high burst damage due to double living bombs, and single target CC due to netherwind.

Strengths Top

+High damage throughout the game
+Very good waveclear with Living Bomb and Flamestrike
+Low skillcap
+Amazing Teamfight

Weaknesses Top

-Low hp pool
-mana reliant
-low damage while ability's are on cool down

Ability Breakdown Top

Verdant spheres is KT's trait that allows him to empower his other ability's.

Flame Strike is your early game wave clear most of the time you want to empower your Living Bomb but you can empower Flame Strike to clear a wave or get someone off of a cap. Use Flame Strike for followup on your Gravity Lapse for guaranteed hits. Also use Flame Strike as a filler between your living bomb cooldowns. Empowering Flame Strike makes its radius 50% bigger and deals extra damage. Use empower for waveclear or filler between empowered W

Cream to KT's crop the center of his kit learning when to double bomb and when to just use your free bombs is the main thing you need to learn. Use Living Bomb to poke at the enemy either in lane or in teamfights. Empowering Living Bomb makes it cost no mana and have no cooldown. Use empower for extremely high burst

Gravity Lapse is one the more important parts of KT's kit it gives you the ability to be safe vs anyone if you use it to deny threats. Use lapse to prevent escape, ability use I.E. Divine Shield, Ancestral Healing Empowering Gravity Lapse causes it to stun the first 3 enemy hit apposed to 1.

Phoenix is one of KT's ults that has a very low cooldown and does single target damage with a long range of attack. Use Phoenix to siege forts/keeps by throwing it on buildings it grants vision for other ability uses and it pressures enemy heroes. Phoenix is also good for zone control if you toss it in a hallway either the enemy respects it and backs up or they run through it and take a ton of free damage.

Pyroblast is KT's other ult and is picked a lot less. after a 2 second cast KT shoots a big ball of fire that deals massive damage. cast time is too long.

Talent build Top

Fel Infusion allows you to become a strong laner with self sustain that you can use for no mana if you just spam free Living Bomb and can get you out of really tight situations like if someone uses Envenom on you.

Nether Wind allows you to create "pick"(pick is when you catch someone out of position or by themselves) opportunities more reliably and effectively. the potential to interrupt or deny important ability's or save your own butt becomes much easier.

Fission Bomb is half of the reason KT is so broken/overpowered right now, The other half being Chain Bomb. Fission ups KT's waveclear and burst by a considerable amount, allowing him to trade more efficiently.

Phoenix is used mostly because of its cooldown its nice and short while the damage and utility it has is pretty high.

Chain Bomb is the other half and most of the reason why KT has become more broken than he was. Chain Bomb paired with Fission Bomb and Backdraft make for KT's crazy ability to teamfight. The combination of forcing the enemy team to spread out or die allow for easy kills or...well...chain bomb kills all.

Backdraft lends to chainbombs ability to kill a whole team as it makes it harder for people to get away from the spread if you double bomb "D->W->".

Bolt is a must take aslong as it is in the game. being able to instantly reposition is OP.

Tips, and Tricks. Top

KT is heavily postioning based, by that I mean where you stand in fights. Most of the time what you want to do is trade your spells and back up while you wait for them to come back up. Your goal is to trade spells/auto attacks while remaining safe and sound.

Chain Bomb can be used off of more than just heroes bounce the bombs off healing fountains, Keeps, Forts, Towers get creative AND GET DESTRUCTIVE.

Gravity Lapse is one of the more important parts of KT's kit as it allows for engages.picks,disengages if you see a good empowered E "D->E" don't be afraid to throw it out you very rarely want to but there are times that it is good.

Pre 13 an easy way to clear a wave is empowered flame strike + Living Bomb just Q the whole wave and before it explodes W the caster minion.

For empowering your optimal combo pre 10 is E->Q->D->W->W later in the game most of the time you just want to empower your living bomb for max burst and chainbomb spread.

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