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Kael'thas - Infinite Strikes

By: LegendaryXMC
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2015
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The Logic Top

I'm all too new to making guides. But I'm really hoping someone else will enjoy this build as much as I do. I see way to many people still using a living bomb build after the update. It's useful but not with lack of dps assassins as the dmg output of living bombs is miniscule. My objective here today is to show people that there is a new Kael threat out there. My Kael.

Kael'thas is a very dangerous hero to pick a fight with. Many times requiring multiple heroes to take him down. With this build i can take down deadly melee assassins like Illidan, Valla and Keri with ease. Warriors like Leoric and Arthas don't even stand a chance. Take out strong supports like Monk and Malf. And even giving Rexxar a fair one.

I hope you guys enjoy my guide. It will be short and quick to the point.

#lvl17 KT

Simple Math Top

So time to explain why I selected this build. Remember.... I've never made a guide before.

Level #1 Mana Addict - You must remember this no longer regens mana, it just gives you more mana to play with. This is absolutely crucial for my build. If you can maintain 1 globe a minute this build will blow your mind. Using convection with this build WILL heavily drain your mana and you won't be able to keep up later on in the game.

Level #4 Mana Tap - This is amazing with mana addict. Give you 5.07% mana back when enemies are killed. This includes minions, camps and heroes. Toss a bomb at a group of minions and then verdent spheres into a flame strike. Watch your mana bar raise to a comfortable level. Remember mana addict greatly increases your maximum mana. Mana Tap gives you 5.07% of your maximum mana back per enemy killed. Mana tap/addict compliment each other like bread and butter.

Level #7 Sunfire Enchantment - You may be asking why this? Well the answer is simple. You know that one dude you can't finish off that has 1 hp, someone like johanna or monk or anyone that has rapid insta heals. This little right click off of verdent spheres does the trick.

Level #10 Pyroblast - Very few kaels use this and I don't know why. I used it 90% of my KT career. I've built my KT around this. It can easily start a fight or chase back the enemy. But wait till level 20 it gets really fun.

Level #13 Pyromaniac - Like I said simple math. Save verdent spheres/flamestrike after you get pyromaniac. The only reason you will be using Living Bomb this is to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce cool down. (Does not include heroic ability). During fights you want to throw a bomb on tanks, the this will be very effective at lvl 16. In the mean time enjoy the cool downs and poke the hell out of people with bombs and flame strike focusing minions and low hp enemies. Remember Mana tap? yeah, you can take down to waves of minions with ease. Gather globes, refill mana and push lanes out till lvl 16.

Level #16 And so the real fun begins. Many long time players fear a level 16 kael. Even if they are 3 levels ahead. You ready for the core of this build?

Double Flamestrike - This is what makes this entire build function together. It may be a little confusing but it's what brings the beauty out of Kael'thas. Save verdent spheres mainly for your double flame strike.

Level 20 Pyroblast 2. It's self explanitory. Land a 5 man pyroblast, you have a pyroblast ready in 10 seconds.

Trust me Top

How it works. Living bomb a high level tanky enemy.
Verdentspehere into a flamestrike.
Monitor your cool downs closely.

>>>>>>>By the time the 2nd flamestrike drops, you have another smaller flamestrike ready, by the time you cast the smaller flamestrike you have living bomb up and running. Cast that living bomb as fast as possible on whatever you want. The old flame strike is still burning, guess what? you already have verdent spheres and another flamestrike ready. You can continue to do this till you burn thru your mana. And yes. Mana Tap makes that really really difficult.<<<<<<<<<<<<

You already have bread and butter with tap/addict. Remember you regain mana per enemy killed.

I know emphasize to save VS for for FS. But lets not forget Gravity Lapse. Gravity lapse doesn't play a huge part in this build, but VS into Gravity Lapse can still be effective with the smaller flamestrike. And if you're running into trouble make sure you got that Living Bomb burning on some thing, at all times. So you have flame strikes ready to punish anything that gets close.

The end report Top

The double flame strike build is a huge punisher. You can literally drop flame strikes every second for 15 seconds straight, even longer. Longer if you can keep tagging creeps or take down heroes to refill your maximum mana.

This a huge nuke build, and a heavy team fight reliant build. Stay near your team to get the max out of this build. And don't expect high end dmg scores. As this build is to keep the enemy at its knees the entire game.

Focus on pushing and always stay near a friendly. You get caught alone and chances are low of escaping, even with a triple lift.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO DIE: Throw down everything you got, every fight. You no longer rely on gathering power to feed your inner pyro. You rely on infinite flame strikes. Drop them like theres no tomorrow every second you get. Even at very low hp, you can continue to drop flame strikes from behind your allies.


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