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Kerrigan Doesn't give

By: leary93
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2015
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Build: DGAF Kerrigan

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales Immobile characters are the ones you want to hunt. Even if they can fight back like a jaina or kaelthas, generally you can outsustain AND outdamage them.
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Illidan Then there is the middle ground. Mobile characters without CC. They can generally dodge your skills, but you'll still have enough sustain with auto-attacks to fight them 1 on 1, but they can outplay you if they use their skills correctly. Practice hitting your skills against Illidans and Valla's, as it will make the biggest difference in winning or losing the fight
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Anub'arak Mobile Heroes are generally hard to play against, especially if they have strong cc. Anub'arak and brightwing are two of your biggest enemies because of this. Try to jump in once they used their cc, you can and have to be patient.

Laning Top

This is the part with kerrigan where you will generally try to make a big difference. First 4 levels you will have to roam as your waveclear is abysmal until you hit lvl 4. When u will roam, try to come in from the back, you will generally win any trade anyways in an even fight, so there is no risk unless you are trying to gank a tank.

When u come in from the back, land some autos, then once they start retreating use your Impaling blades exactly below their feet then primal grasp them in. Since there is a delay this will generally get them. If they are out of range Ravage first, or, if they were, you landed your combo but they aren't dead yet, ravage to secure the kill.


At lvl 4, you can start clearing waves and camps, and depending on the composition you are running, you want to start holding a lane against a specialist, or start taking a bruiser camp to apply lane pressure, and then start roaming again once you have lane pressure. Normally with a Roaming strategy you'll lack lane pressure so this is a key talent, which will later on also allow you to hypercarry teamfights. Keep in mind that you dont need to use abilities to clear waves with your cleave, so dont. You dont want to run low on mana till you get your lvl 7, which is the least replaceable talent in your build.

The transitioning to lvl 10+ Top

All of your talents from lvl 10 onwards are for teamfighting. Maelstrom is pretty standard, and Aggresive defense is as well. Remember that this doesnt stack with the lvl 20 upgrade, so we take bolt instead which will help us make plays. So what about double strike?

Well, firstly, lingering defense is awesome, but what does it really give us? Defense? But what if the enemy just knows to stall till the shield drops? Or what if there aint waves to stack up upon? It basically will become useless. Here, double strike will always give you value. Not only will you get more dmg (your auto's hit like a truck anyways.

When a teamfight starts, generally you want to hang back, of launch some autos against the tank to hold them off of your backline, in short, be the peel. Wait for your frontline to hard-initiate or the enemy to blow all their high value CC (polymorph, Web blast, Maw, Blessed shield etc) till you jump in, as, even tho you can launch a lot of burst, you are still susceptible to CC trains, just like anyone else, and since you dont have inate tankiness, but this comes from you doing dmg, stun hurts you just like it does thrall or illidan.

Then when you jump in, start with popping maelstrom, then ravage in, and use ur W E combo to draw as much in as possible, or use a plain E if you dont need to stun to keep everyone in range (in case of johanna/etc as your tank).

Bolt Usage Top

1. To disengage. When? If you drop below safe health to keep going, or your numbers are falling when they are still all high health. How? Preferably in the direction of a ravage target (walls/merc camps, lane minions) or after you ravaged out, and/or over an environmental wall.

2. To engage. When? If and Only If they don't have sufficient CC/mobility to escape from a full hard engage and you have a team in position to follow up. How? You need to be in your backline, or even behind it, sufficiently away from normal engage range, you bolt forward, then ravage onto their midline, pop maelstrom on the way and W E. IF you do this, you generally can't leave your stun out as you want to keep them in place for your team to follow you.

3. To chase/Clean up. When? When someone is below 20% hp if you have ravage, or when their team is about 40% hp and you have your full skills ready to go. Try to blink in, start dmging people and kill with ravage to get the reset of. If you can't kill someone with ravage. Don't.

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