Kerrigan FULL Survival/Shield build by SmokedSalmon

Kerrigan FULL Survival/Shield build

By: SmokedSalmon
Last Updated: Oct 24, 2015
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Build: The Survival/Shield build.

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About the build. Top

This build is not a professional build so if thats what your after get out! This is mostly a fun build to try but can come in handy when your opponent is running very aggressive/high damage dealing line-up. This is not a 0% win rate build either if anyone was wondering. This build capitalises on your trait to gain as strong of a shield as you can for maximum survival. If youve got one (or somehow no) tanks but many assassins this build gets you tanky enough to stay in front and soak some damage while allowing your other assassins to do the damage.

Talent 1 Top

Block is the main talent to keep you alive in fights. Gives you more of an advantage in most spots than the other talents.
Siphoning is also a valid choice, perhaps better against heroes who barely rely on basic attacks at all but healing wont always do the job.

Talent 2 Top

Envenom is the most reliable, quick, damage dealing talent out of the four. An easy pick as there were no talent that contribute to the concept of the build.

Talent 3 Top

Great for long 1v1 fights. The constant regen slows your health decent considerably.

Ultimate Top

Team fight ult. Constant damage to enemies in team fights or a good way to scare enemies away while covering your teams retreat.

Talent 5 Top

More than 3 times the starting shield time. One of the most important talents for this build.

Talent 6 Top

A key factor in this build.

Talent 7 Top

No talent to boost shields so this is my pick. Great improvement for combat in general.

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