Kerrigan - Max Burst (@lvl 20, ~5200 dmg in 3 secs uptime) by stone

Kerrigan - Max Burst (@lvl 20, ~5200 dmg in 3 secs uptime)

By: stone
Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015
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No Escape (for them or . . . . you) Top

This build maximizes cd-driven burst and will put out around 5200 dmg in 3 secs at level 20. Provided you are not peeled and your target is not saved via shield/heal/defensive, this build will delete any non-tank and will bring a tank to 5-10% health in 3 secs of uptime (Envenom continues to tick for 5 seconds, but you will no longer need to be on the target for that).

Use this build how you like but I only use it for fun and shock factor in non-competitive matches. I don't feel it is going to serve you well in competitive play because it does not include any of the escapes Kerrigan can talent into (Adaptation, Sprint, or Bolt of the Storm).

If you'd enjoy testing it out on a high health target, simply visit the in-game store, select Kerrigan, select "Try", level up to 20 and set up this build and try it out on poor Arthas.

The Process and the Numbers Top

The following numbers are for level 20
    Activate Maelstrom - 3 seconds of Maelstrom = 450 dmg

    Activate Searing Attacks - calculated in aa section at bottom of this list

    Ravage - your gap closer, if you are already on the target, this can happen later in the sequence = 450 dmg

    Impaling Blades - cast right in front of yourself so they will be pulled into it by Grasp = 660 dmg

    Primal Grasp - the skill shot you must land to be effective with Kerrigan = 310 dmg

    Envenom - does it's dmg over 5 secs, appled during your 3 secs of uptime = 780 dmg

    Blood for Blood - value of this changes with your targets health pool, on high health target = ~840 dmg

    Autoattack - You will aa twice during the 3 sec uptime. To benefit from Double Strike, fit your first aa in after Ravage and your second aa in after casting Impaling/Grasp. Kerrigan's unbuffed aa at level 20 would only do 320 damage, but with Searing Attacks active, Double Strike, and Nexus Blades, each aa will hit for 877.5 dmg, so two aa's = 1775 dmg

Grand Total = 5245 dmg, depending enemy healthpool (since Blood for Blood does 15% of their health). For reference, most tanks have about 5600 health at level 20.

Frequency of Burst Cycle Top

Regardless of whether your various cds are up, the process is basically the same. Again, these are level 20 numbers.

Ravage>Impaling>Grasp + 2 autoattacks with no cooldowns = 2590 dmg

Every 25 seconds
Ravage>Impaling>Grasp + 2 autoattacks with Searing Attacks active = 3175 dmg

Every 60 seconds
Ravage>Impaling>Grasp + Envenom + Blood for Blood + 2 autoattacks with Searing Attacks active = ~4795 dmg

Every 120 seconds
Full cds including Maelstrom = ~5245 dmg

Power Curve Top

This is the max health percentage this spec/combo will remove from a high health target (H) and a low health target (L) at each level you select a talent. The model for these health pools, if you're interested, are ETC for high health (same as Muradin) and Valla for low health.

Level 1 - 40% H, 60% L
Level 4 - 56% H, 95% L
Level 7 - 60% H, 109% L
Level 10 - 68% H, 128% L
Level 13 - 75% H, 146% L
Level 16 - 89% H, 176% L
Level 20 - 94% H, 188% L

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