Kerrigan Vampire Build Combo Assassin by Zevers

Kerrigan Vampire Build Combo Assassin

By: Zevers
Last Updated: Dec 8, 2015
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The reset Q Top

Kerrigan has become my favorite Hero as of late. I developed this build tinkering on my own and haven't seen anyone build it quite the same way. Since this is my first guide, I'm just going to make it brief and to the point.

Many Kerrigan players take Sharpened Blades as their first talent. For this build, we are going to rely on Siphoning Impact which will keep us healed while using Ravage and basic attacks for most of our damage. It is a guaranteed hit and Impaling Blades can be difficult to land, which seems less useful to boost the damage.

This build is designed so that you can essentially destroy the other team one by one, each kill healing you 10%, refunding mana costs, and increasing regen by 100%. If played conservatively and correctly, you will come out on top with the most kills and hero damage while almost never having to hearth back for mana or health.

Clean Kill Top

Clean Kill is essential to the build because it allows an infinite reset of Ravage by refunding the mana cost, and also increasing the next Ravage damage by 20%. This allows you to last hit a minion and immediately jump on an enemy hero with a 20% damage bonus and 20% healing in a very short burst. This also allows you to clear minion waves very quickly by hopping on the the lowest minion, getting the reset and hitting the next in a chain reaction. During team fights, you can retreat to a minion wave, fully heal, and return to finish off the other team.

Assimilation Mastery Top

Assimilation Mastery is also essential for this build because it increases your life and mana regen while in combat, even if we aren't getting any other sheild talents, the regen keeps you alive in combat and your mana topped off when using the other abilities that dont refund mana.

Ultralisk! Top

Summon Ultralisk is optional, but I prefer it over Maelstrom because it allows you to easily zone out a ranged enemy that may be focusing you and force them to retreat, allowing you to chase them down last for the killing blow. Ultralisk is also great for pushing towers or blocking skill shots like Nova's Triple Tap. Nothing is more satisfying than dying and getting that last kill with an ultralisk. Chase those bastards down!

Double Strike Top

Double Strike is where you start to see a huge spike in dps. Because of the Ravage reset, you can take out minions at full health with a single Q+basic attack, which after about 8 minions, will bring Kerrigan back to full health, mana and some shields. Also it increases the assimilation shields bonus because it is based on basic attack damage. This is further increased with Nexus Blades making Kerrigan tanky as hell without wasting points in shield talents.

Essence for Essence Top

Essence for Essence is looked over quite often but is extremely powerful when going after a tank or healer that would normally be able to escape or weaken Kerrigan enough to cause a retreat. It has saved me in many battles and really frightens the enemy when they are instantly leeched 10% of their Max hp. I always save this for the tankiest enemy to get the most amount of shields, or to help secure the kill. Once again this adds to your survivability, which makes this build almost unstoppable.

Nexus Blades Top

Nexus Blades is the icing on the cake that will allow you to 1v1 almost any hero on the enemy team. This stacks with double strike to create a deadly combo along with the 20% bonus ravage damage, the slow also allows you to easy land Impaling Blades and suck them back in with Primal Grasp before Ravage resets for the killing blow.

in Conclusion Top

With this build I have only lost a couple of times. It is important to save Ravage for last hits or engages only as getting stuck with a long cooldown can be the death of Kerrigan. It is also important to hide in a bush until late in team fights, when you can go after the weakest hero for the reset. Many times it can start a chain reaction where you can kill the entire enemy team in less than 5 seconds while being fully healed. Then use Ultralisk to chase off any counters or save low team mates.

Let me know what you think, it's my first guide. Not very detailed but you get the idea.


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