Lanenor: Owen Wilson is Behind Nexus Lines! by rebldomakr

Lanenor: Owen Wilson is Behind Nexus Lines!

By: rebldomakr
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015
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If You're Looking for a Comprehensive Guide, Turn Back Now, Yee of so Much Time on Thy Hands Top

I'm not a fan of highly stylized hero guides dripping with excessive amounts of stats and ******** you need to read in order to feel like you have a understanding of how the hero works.

Raynor is a very easy hero to play and yet noticeably, people find him very hard to play him well.

You have a very powerful sustaining self heal that activates automatically. You have a opulent amount of standard operating range against most heroes. You also have a incredible amount of passive abilities that snowball you into a one man army that can operate behind enemy lines with amazing efficiency.

That is what this guide will be focusing on, how to lane, in case you couldn't already understand.

I usually start by swinging on down to the bottom lane which seems to be barren most of the time. You have the power to conduct business on your own without much difficulty but having a helping hand should never be considered detrimental to your main objectives: building up Seasoned Marksman and pushing your lane.

Seasoned Marksman is your main concern for the first half of the game. You want to have at least 50+ additional damage once the game is over. That should give you a idea on how well you're doing. By focusing on waves of enemy creeps in your lane and pumping out Inspire whenever you can makes you a fearsome siege machine.
Since Penetrating Round should only be used to help escape pursuing heroes or used as a last hit button for out of range heroes escaping your grasp, you'll have more then enough mana to keep a constant flow of Inspire flowing out of you. I rarely go below half mana and save Inspire for team fights or when my wave is approaching a gate. It's wonderful for taking out towers in a pinch and allowing your troops to storm even the colossal Helm's Deep with a smile.

Inspire, along with you're Rescusant-class light destroyer (or whatever the **** it is, I prefer using Star Wars terms to better identify units and abilities), makes pushing lanes easy.

Follow my talent build, position yourself in a intelligent manner behind your waves, don't engage more then one hero at a time (although once you gain Nexus Frenzy you become quite the multi-duelist), and don't succumb to accusations of neglecting your team, you should do just fine comrade.

The main thing you need to understand is that you're there to destroy a lane. Rarely do I find myself needing to come into a team fight since the split pushing already divides up the enemy team. If they ignore you, you can gain swaths of land during a team fight. If they decide to interrupt your operations, they will be losing at least one hero to scare you off which automatically levels the playing field for your team.

Use good judgement and map awareness. You can see ganks coming from a mile away you shouldn't be dieing to the point where you're more then 2/1 KDR. You are a black ops commando on a rogue mission to destroy the enemy Nexus, not on a mission gank heroes and join team fights. You will be a incredible duelist on your own. If you want to **** up three heroes at once and suck at the lane phase until your Tier 6 then play Diablo, he is wonderful at ****ing up heroes. You are wonderful at ****ing up lanes.

If you're doing everything correctly, you should have the most experience contribution and siege damage for you're team. That is usually more then enough to divert blame away from you and to the truly weak link in your team.
It might be rough but Raynor made me realize that just because I'm not shoulder to shoulder with my team doing who knows what and dieing with them doesn't mean you aren't a valued member. In fact, I'm finding the more I stick to lane and soaking experience and dishing out siege damage, the better my team does. If the enemy team ignores you, they have a backdoor wide open. If they go safari on your ***, then they will lose team fights.

Thank you and good luck out there Marine! Semper Fidelis!

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