Leader of the Horde by dronly

Leader of the Horde

By: dronly
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2015
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Build: Pro Thrall

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This build i've been using since i first got thrall, the abilities that this champion have make him my favorite. Hits hard, knocks em down, tears them up. I first go Seasoned Marksman and hit the lanes, in some games lane hoping for help is something i do rarely (keeping an eye on opportunity) i may intervene and seal some kills. Getting Seasoned Marksman up to the 20s as fast as possible is where the fighting, group battles, and lane changes start. In prolonged battles this ability can become very strong and extremely useful. my next Talent i choose is the Envenom, its perfect for the early battles where some toons can get away faster then you can catch up. its gets the team good xp and also no one can 1v1 at full mana, thrall with this talent is a good combination. Follow Through is the next talent and is essential to the dps melee build. with all abilities up thrall and unleash full dps on the target. Sundering i feel is more useful then the slow, a stun can be the game changer in a lot of team fights so its over getting quake. Giant Killer is also a must for the up close dps train this thrall build is, any toon that wants to take on thrall will be on run with this damage increase sided with seasoned marksman. Tempest Fury in this build is something that ive started doing very recently, i normally when with blood for blood so that the return would be enough for some of the tankiest characters, up against muradin or diablo, etc with lots of HP this was a good return, but tempest fury has earned its keep 75% basic attack increase with the stacks of seasoned marksman and giantkiller, this ability can take a ranged caster down in a couple hits. Then fianlly the nexus blade, the basic attack increase of 20% is legend, and the slow means that any toon thrall versus will be a sitting duck. I play thrall like an assassin, when there are good heals in a team i will be more willing to dive into fights rather then to surround the battle and attack runners and lowbies. Any squishy doesn't stand a chance, but even a glass cannon can take thrall down if the melee range can be avoided, roots knock backs stuns, can get the caster out of fighting range which is a weakness to this build, always keep feral spirit up, using all the abilities for the follow through can reckless when you need the gap closer.

Hope this helps you out!

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