Let's Heal with Alex by Jerkovich

Let's Heal with Alex

By: Jerkovich
Last Updated: Jan 5, 2018
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Build: Healer Alex

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Threats to Alexstrasza with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Illidan Illidan is in the same boat as Genji, his dive is very annoying, but he's more easily countered than Genji.
Dehaka Can burrow in behind or beside you. Don't stand near bushes when facing against an enemy Dehaka, and you should be alright.
Tracer She pokes you a lot. Try to stay away from her (difficult, I know) by staying relatively near your teammates and/or friendly structures. Move unpredictably to avoid a successful pulse bomb stick.
Genji Genji is, well, Genji. His dive is a pain and he can focus you and your team can inadvertently blow you up if they focus the Genji while he's targeting you with his Deflect. Make sure you have team coordination and CC's down if you're facing off against him.
Nova In the same boat as Valeera. Keep an eye out for her and try to always keep either a minion, structure, or a teammate between you and her.
Valeera Probably the single biggest to Alex with this build. Just keep an eye out for her and just press E in her general direction to reveal her, and you'll be fine.
  No Threat

Intro Top

Let's talk builds. Everyone loves their E build, because fire I guess. While, yes, it is nice having a frigging DRAGON on the field is AWESOME, relying on getting the cooldown reduction on a 150 second cooldown is not great. If you can land at least 3 flame strikes on already burning heroes with Flame Buffet every single time then by all means, go ahead and go E build. If you actually want to support your team, then do this. My build relies on one thing, and one thing only. That one thing is you playing safely. As long as you can do that and stay near full health (which is very easy to do with Alex) then you will have no problem keeping your team very well healed.

Level 1 Top

Why Go Live and let Live? Because the CDR it provides is astonishing. As long as you stay above 75% health, your cooldown is reduced by 3.5 seconds. That puts your Gift of Life on a 3.5 second cooldown. Now don't go using it too liberally before level 7, because it WILL drain your life very quickly if you're not careful. If you use it twice without healing before level 7, then you will no longer get this level 1 effect. You will want to alternate between using Gift of Life and Abundance in order to keep yourself and your team healed.

Level 4 Top

This one might seem a bit odd at first, but it is a huge boon to this kit. While above 75% health, you gain an additional 15% movement speed. This makes you much quicker on the field, both getting in or out. It also makes it that much more difficult for the opponents to land skill shots on you, especially Nova or Tracer trying to land a Pulse Bomb.

Level 7 Top

This is where the magic happens. While you're above 75% health, your Gift of Life will drop a Lifeblossom at the feet of the person you just healed. You need to pick this up, but DO NOT do it if it's dangerous. Only ever pick up the safe ones. This is also where your level 4 Exuberance comes into play. The extra 15% movement speed helps you to be able to pick it up, and back up, much more quickly than you normally would. Now you can throw out your Q like it was candy, because it really is now. You're healing your team for 22.5% of your current health, for FREE. That little flower lets you heal for 22.5% of your current health, every 3.5 seconds, for free. You following me camera guy? This is where it gets GOOD.

Level 10 Top

Now for the big question marks on a lot of people's map. "Why on earth would you go Life-binder?? Are you insane?? Do you WANT to die?" Well, no! Have you read its tooltip? "Bind Alex's life force to and allied hero. After 2 seconds, the Hero with the lower percentage health has their health set to the same percentage as the other hero." After 2 seconds, your health bars match, depending on which health bar is higher. With this build, this talent is straight up broken because this build requires you to stay backline anyways. You should barely ever be taking damage, and the little you take should be marginal, at best. I want you to imagine this with you, a 98% health Alex, playing with a Cho'Gall who's currently being focused and their health is falling fast. Now W, Q, (to keep them alive), and R all at the same time on them. They just got a VERY healthy boost of health to survive the next 2 seconds, and then BAM, they're at full health again. They were just at 6%, what the heck? Oh yeah! Life-Binder to the rescue!

Level 13 Top

This is the "If they have CC..." talent teir. The one you want, though, is Life Unbound. Why? Simply, you heal an ally for nearly 15% of their life AND deal 200 points of AoE damage around them. Also, if you heal 1 person who's stunned, rooted, or silenced, then its 90 second cooldown becomes a 60 second cooldown. Well now think about this. Where does a Stukov want to drop his Lurking Arm? If you guessed right into an Abundance circle, you would be absolutely right. Guess what! 3 silenced people in an Abundance/Lurking Arm circle and BAM, 100% uptime on Life Unbound. You're welcome.

Level 16 Top

I think it's obvious by now that I REALLY want you to play safely. Very safely. Like never dropping below 75% health, safely. So naturally, here's another reason. While you're above 75% health, Gift of Life grants 20 armor for 2 seconds. If used right, that means there should only be a 1.5 second window that there would be no armor. 20% is absolutely nothing to scoff at. Reducing 20% damage? Sign me RIGHT up!

Level 20 Top

Here's the fun one. You see it, your allies don't. Your enemies don't. They just know its their when what they dump into your ally what would normally be fatal damage, is actually just a tickle because your ally still has 500 bonus health. And how long does this last? Well, that depends on how long that ally can stay alive! And how many can you have out? Well, that depends on how many allies you have! You ever want to give Tracer pretty much an extra 20% health? With this build, just press your 2 and click on her. BAM, extra 20% health until she dies. And if she does? Just do it again. Super simple stuff!

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