Is That a Dragon In Your Pocket? by Kawarimono

Is That a Dragon In Your Pocket?

By: Kawarimono
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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Build: Pocket Heals <3

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Threats to Alexstrasza with this build

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E.T.C. Tanks with heavy CC like ETC are very annoying to deal with. Stay in the back line and try to avoid taking damage, let your front line do the work and you should be fine. Get caught out and you're likely out of the fight.
Chromie Chromie can be a big pain if you fail to dodge her absurdly deadly poke. Also your Abundance ability makes for an easy target for many of her abilities, try to cast it after she has already used her AoE to avoid setting yourself or your allies up for easy damage.
Tracer Tracer's ability to stick to you (no pun intended) makes her a very dangerous threat that will very easily remove you from the fight if you don't have a buddy to CC her off of you in time.
Genji Genji like many mobile assassins is a menace to immobile healers like Alexstrasza, is he gets on you while you're exposed you're likely done for.
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This Alexstrasza build focuses primarily on single target burst healing, the primary goal being to keep your beefy tank or aggressive melee carry alive by pocketing them at a key moment such as an intense team fight, this build also allows you to keep your entire team topped up with low CD/no HP cost Breath of Life (Q) casts- combined with Abundance (W) this allows you to keep your front line very well topped up. As such this build works quite well with dive heavy compositions. Liberal use of Breath of Life (thanks to your tier 1 and 3 talents) allows you to be healing quite regularly, while burst healing with Life-Binder will quite consistently save a key member of your front line from certain doom (try with a good Cho'Gal for ridiculous results)

This build does require excellent positioning however as you need to avoid going low HP even more so than usual. You don't get your cooldown reduced on your Q while low health nor will you be giving your tank armor (tier 6 Q talent). This build also does not make heavy use of dragon queen but don't be afraid to use it to bully enemies off a point or save your hide when that tank is trying to make a pick on the "defenseless healer". I've lost count of how many times a well timed Dragonqueen (D) has turned a dive around on my would-be killer.

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