Li Li & the Endless Serpents by Kaden

Li Li & the Endless Serpents

By: Kaden
Last Updated: Feb 4, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Heard You Like Dragons?

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Nova Novas high burst and Range will deal high damage if you are caught off guard. As with every support champion. If your support, don't be walking around alone.
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Lore & Stats Top

Li Li is a great support, who focuses on spamming heals but can also sustain damage and slow enemies constantly, my advice with this build is to focus on being an all-round asset to the team, if you wanted to be a pure healer there are better champions like Malfurion or Uther.

Title: World Wanderer | Role: Support | Franchise: Warcraft | Price: $3.99 USD | 2k gold

Born upon Shen-zin Su, the Wandering Isle, Li Li Stormstout led a somewhat uneventful life until she began reading the journals of her uncle Chen. Soon, nothing would sate her desire for adventure, exploration, and pestering adventurers around Halfhill.

Health 835 (+135) | Regen 1.738 (+0.281) | Mana 500 (+10) | Regen 3.00 (+0.100)
Attack Speed 1.25 (per second) | Damage 25 (+6)

Intro & Abilities Top

Intro and Playstyle

Li Li is often focused in fights, she's squishy so its important to position yourself well, her play style should revolve around casting skills and kiting to avoid danger while still letting you help out your team. She is able to play a little bit more aggressively in smaller fights due to her passive skills Fast Feet speed buff upon taking damage.

Li Li is a great champion for new players as her Healing Brew and Blinding Wind auto target team mates for those who battle to track other players in fights. She also has one of the best support ultimate skills Jug of 1,000 Cups offering a ton of heals.

Playstyle Top

How to Play

This build specializes in letting Li Li use her skills with the least amount of downtime. The main issue i found with her is that while casting her ultimate she cannot use any other skills for 6 seconds, which in a fight is an incredibly long time to be wasting. So how do we get around this? We build for skills that will constantly be up even while your channeling. And in comes the Cloud Serpent build.

Duo or Solo lane your playstyle will be roughly the same, harassing and pushing while waiting for ganks form your team mates. In the early game if you are alone don't stand in the bushes, early ganks from 3-5 players happens frequently and you will be targeted first so unless your with your team, play it safe.

Harass the enemy with auto attacks and keep your self around 70%-80% hp with your Healing Brew, don't over commit and take too much damage early as you may end up burning more mana than needed, wait till level 4 for the Mending Serpent, having it up for the duration lets you harass more while constantly healing and using less mana. If your good for mana, feel free to harass with Blinding Wind especially if the enemy is an auto attack champion, if they are than get in a few more attacks before moving out of their range.

*If you have a team mate in lane, your going to support them by harassing the enemy for damage as soon as they come close to the creep waves. Cloud Serpent will be cast on your team mate generally if they are aggressive but if not keep casting it on yourself and moving in and out for the harass.


No matter what you play objectives are important so when they come up make sure you get over to your team mates and take them fast, don't be sitting in the lane farming creeps, go support and make sure to use your mount, its way faster than walking.


Positioning is key, make use of bushes to break enemies vision of you if they are focusing you hard. Place yourself behind your team but not too far back, your Fast Feet lets you move in and out and bait enemies who think you are an easy kill.

Now lets get into the bulk of this build and its reasoning in team fights. You want to be spamming your skills, keep Cloud Serpent up at all times, casting it either on your teams assassin if they are taking damage or playing aggressive, if they are not then cast it on your initiator to help them soak up damage and because they are close enough for the Cloud Serpent to hit enemies.

Keep up the normal healing spam with Healing Brew

Blinding Wind is a great skill but here are the draw backs, it does not let you pick a target and you are generally in a safe position in a fight, this means that most of the time it is going to be cast on the enemies tanks which honestly is not ideal in the least, you want it to be hitting the auto attack champions since it does not negate abilities, and those champions such as Nova will not be close enough for you to hit. This is the first reason i don't put extra points into buffing it.

When your team get to around 40%-50% hp go ahead and pop your Jug of 1,000 Cups but make sure you have cast your Cloud Serpent first so that it is up for the full duration of your ultimate.
This is the second core part of the build, this heal skill lasts for a massive 6 seconds and you cannot cast any other skills while using it, so all those extra buffs that could have been placed on Healing Brew and Blinding Wind become useless for 6 seconds, thats a lot of time to be wasting. But hey guess what, those Cloud Serpents are giving bonus damage and heals to your team while your channeling, how great is that.

The reason for timing your ultimate around 40%-50% of your teams life is that anything lower may cause your team mates to try run and cause confusion when half the team want to escape and half want to fight, keep them feeling safe.

Abilities Top

Misc Traits - Situational Pick Ups
Increases Mana Regeneration by 0.5 per second. Every 3 Regeneration Globes gathered grants an extra +0.25 Mana per second, permanently.
Take if you need more mana early game

Activate to reduce an enemy Hero's damage by 50% and Movement Speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
Take if the enemy has 1 really fed carry you need to shutdown

Skill Traits

Passive Trait: Upon taking damage, gain 10% Movement Speed for 1 second.
Pick Up: Kung Fu Hustle

Heals 1 teammate(s) with the lowest Health (prioritizing Heroes) for 70 (+18 per level) Health.
Mana: 30 | Cooldown: 3 seconds
No Pick Ups

Summon a Cloud Serpent on target allied Hero that automatically attacks nearby enemies, doing 20 (+2.2 per level) damage per attack. Heroes can only have 1 Cloud Serpent at a time. Lasts for 8 seconds. | Mana: 30 | Cooldown: 10 seconds
Pick Up: Mending Serpent Lightning Serpent Serpent Sidekick

Throw a cloud of Blinding Wind at the 2 nearest enemies (prioritizing Heroes), dealing 60 (+26 per level) damage. Targets miss their next 2 Basic Attacks in the next 4 seconds. | Mana: 40 | Cooldown: 10 seconds
Pick Up Gale Force or * Conjurer's Pursuit

Rapidly tosses brew to the most injured nearby allies, prioritizing Heroes over Minions, restoring a total of 460 (+149.5 per level) Health over 6 seconds. | Heroic Ability | Mana: 100 | Cooldown: 70 seconds
Pick Up: * Jug of 1,000,000 Cups If more healing is needed

Summon a Water Dragon that after a delay hits the nearest enemy Hero and all enemies near them, dealing 140 (+14 per level) damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 70% for 4 seconds. | Heroic Ability | Mana: 100 | Cooldown: 45 seconds
No Pick Ups

Why These Skills? Top

Below is a breakdown of why i am building this way, the goal is to make yourself more versatile than a normal healer, i believe if you wanted to be a pure healer there are better choices in champions. You have a range of spammable skills and you want them to all be used, all the time, there should be no downtime.

Talent Choices

Level 1
Optional Choice, If your using your starting base fountain carefully and using the Cloud Serpent to harass your mana should ok, spamming the Healing Brew however will burn out your mana fast. If with a team mate consider getting Conjurer's Pursuit. If your alone in your lane and want to harass a bit harder grab Gale Force

Level 4
Mending Serpent Gives you the ability to harass and sustain as well as push the lane and structures faster without burning all your mana. Early game the extra Blinding Wind is ineffective in lane as your dealing with probably 2 champions not 4, also it only blocks auto attacks and most team fights the damage will come from abilities, only a few champions use auto attacks such as Nova or Raynor. The other problem i have is that you can't specify a target for Blinding Wind so while its great you want to target a Nova, she will be in the back of her team making it difficult for you to get close enough, and your skill will probably land on the enemy tanks, most compositions will only have 2 auto attack champions if that so no need to upgrade it past that point. Mending Serpent gives back 22hp per attack and lasts 8 secs, so around 176hp while The Good Stuff gives 59hp over 6 secs making it actually heal for less than Mending Serpent its more spammable yes but again, you can't use it in most team fights while your ulti is up and its also no providing anything else like damage.

Level 7
Lightning Serpent this is the one i pick up, it causes the attack to bounce so that is significantly more damage in a fight and later you can have it cast twice so 2 targets with bouncing serpents. It lets you farm easier which is more experience early game and also it bounces on structures.
The Good Stuff is another healing skill i don't pick up because the amount it gives is pretty weak, also if your healing with Jug of 1,000 Cups you can't cast skills, meaning the extra spam heals are wasted since the channeling time is so long. However your Cloud Serpent will keep on attacking and healing your team mates even while your ultimate is being cast and honestly team fights don't tend to last for long periods of time, so the Jug of 1,000 Cups should be more than sufficient.

Level 10
Jug of 1,000 Cups, your a support and this is just too good to pass up in a team fight, the amount healed back to all team mates can really turn a 5v5 around. It has a long channeling time so make sure you kite and stay away from champions that will stun you.
Water Dragon damage is moderate but has a long cast animation and while the 40% slow is nice for 4 seconds, in a team fight if the enemy have good damage and tanks then chances are they are not running, i would prefer a higher chance of turning a fight around than running or chasing plus we have another more reliable skill for that.

Level 13
Optional Choice, Hindering Winds, a spammable skill with slow, the enemy will never escape, great for chasing, it makes it really hard for someone to run away and if melee champions come close to you this will stop them chasing you and wear them down especially with your Serpents damage.
Shrink Ray if they have a fed carry who needs to be shutdown in a fight this is a good choice as you can specifically target them and the debuff is quite strong.

Level 16
Serpent Sidekick Finally the skill that lets me cast on a team mate and get a second dragon for myself, twice the heals, twice the damage, both serpents bounce attacks, its a lot of damage and heal and best of all it works and is viable when using your ultimate, so no downtime on skills.

Level 20
Kung Fu Hustle, super easy pick up, your a spam champion so spam faster, you will almost always be under attack in a team fight so your passive will always be getting proc'd and so your cool downs will always be getting shorter, means more heals, more damage, more slows.
Can be substituted for either Jug of 1,000,000 Cups if your team are really battling for heals.
Or Storm Shield if your team consists of high hp champions.

Fighting Situations Top

Below is a basic understanding of how to fight different champion roles, if you would like something more in-depth and specific put it in the comments below and i will add it.

Specialists and Supports
These guys are squishy but generally have decent crowd control, avoid the stuns and stick near them so the Cloud Serpent can do its thing, with the extra heals your spamming on yourself, you can easily out sustain them, auto attack and spam your Hindering Winds so they cannot escape.

These can take a while to finish off so avoid fighting them for long periods of time as their team will most likely show up, so keep an eye on the map at all times. Against these guys your mostly trying to buy time for your team to show up, they should never be able to kill you but you are going to battle killing them alone.

Easy kills, kite in and out of bush to avoid them using skill shots, spam all your skills, keep them slow and burn them down with your Cloud Serpents
Nova - If she is in your match, avoid being alone, also she is not fully stealth, keep an eye out for a shimmering transparent character on the map, knowing where they are when they are following you can save your life. Avoid fighting her where possible, she does not care about your movement slowing skill.

Feedback and Conclusion Top

When playing Li Li as a support remember to play her as a sustain support over a pure healer. Keep up your skills all the time, remember that when using your ultimate all your other spam skills become worthless.
Don't be afraid to bait or be a little aggressive, your passive will let you escape easy and the slow on the enemy is just as helpful.

This is still and early guide but the skills are correct, if you have any feedback or want something added, please leave it in the comments and i will add it and polish the guide. If you want to debate any of the points i am more than happy too. I hope this guide works out well for you, i'm sure it will. Thanks and if you found this useful please don't forget to vote.

Other Useful Guides

For those wanting to go more support and utility check out this guys guide, i went through a bunch of them from low to high votes and this was in my opinion a clear best pick. Its informative and well thought out, so go vote it up if you like it.

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