Li Li In-depth Mistweaver Guide by Gorthun

Li Li In-depth Mistweaver Guide

By: Gorthun
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
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Li Li

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Introduction Top

Li Li is a little Panda wandering the plains of Pandaria and taught by her uncle Chen. Her role in the Nexus is to be an aggresive, efficient, annoying healer and support. She is amazing at evading enemies and is fairly hard to counter. She does better than average damage for a support hero if the player bears in mind her mechanics, which are rather simple.

I have to point this out at the very beginning. She is capable of being a solo support and dont let anyone tell you otherwise, her problem though, is her relatively weak healing output before level 16 and 20. BUT! Once you hit level 20 you will do obscene amounts of healing. I actually once managed to do 196k healing versus enemy alexstraszaš 78k healing and that is something.

She is relatively easy to play but be sure to make use of her rather amazing trait since it provides a very respectable cooldown reduction, movement speed and thanks to your level 1 talent mana regeneration.

Ability Overview Top

(D) Fast Feet

This is her trait. It is passive so no need to press that D keybind. Whenever you take damage from ANY source (this is important) you gain minor movement speed but the interesting part is the cooldown reduction of her basic abilities and thanks to associated Level 1 talent you also gain significant increase in mana regeneration and increased duration of all those benefits.

(Q) Healing Brew

Her main healing spell. It is fairly easy to use, since you dont have to aim, or point it. It behaves as a smart heal which means it automatically heals the lowest percentage hero in its range. One thing to notice though, it takes some time before it lands.
It has a very forgiving 4 second cooldown, 5 after associated talent is taken. It heals a fair amount but it is no significant burst heal. Can be cast while moving.

(W) Cloud Serpent

Point and click "buff" on a friendly hero or yourself. It spawns a small dragon that attacks anything it its range, prioritising heroes. For every attack it does it heals a little bit and does a little damage to the enemy. Not a super important spell but since your healing output is rather low in early game you will want to utilize it as much as you can.
Generally it is best used on Melee heroes since they tend to get much more use of the dragon's rather small range.

(E) Blinding wind

A very useful ability against those pesky basic attack reliant heroes. It does a fair amount of damage and you can actually get quite a few kills with this ability. With the associated talent it also slows enemy heroes by 30% making them easier to pick off by your teammates. It can be cast while moving which is pretty amazing. It prioritzes heroes so dont be afraid to cast it in the middle of a minion wave.

(R) Jug of 1000 Cups

A healing themed heroic ability. It has a rather short cooldown that can be shortened further if you cancel it midcast when no more healing is needed. It heals a lot and can be cast even before the fight when all of your team is low. Both heroic choices are very viable but we are focusing on healing here so this is what we will go for.

(R) Water Dragon

This her damage oriented heroic choice. It does a fair amount of damage while also slowing enemy heroes caught in its radius by 70% for 4 seconds. It is a great pick when you are not the only healer on your team.

Talent Choice Explained Top

Level 1 Talent: Eager Adventurer

While the talent that refunds manacost on Healing Brew when healing a hero below 50% health might seem nice for sustain, you actually get more mana by picking Eager Adventurer. just make sure to take a hit now and then. 150% extra mana regeneration provided by this talent goes a long way.

Level 4 Talent: Hindering Winds

Although you potentially may get more healing out of Serpent Sidekick talent, it is not very reliable and doesnt bring the utility provided by Hindering Winds. It slows down heroes hit by your Blinding Wind. Enemies who are blinded typically want to fall back. With this talent it may not be so easy for them to do so.

Level 7 Talent: The Good Stuff

Not much to say. Adds healing over time to your Healing Brew. Synergises well with level 16 talent explained below. This healing over time is doubled when you are under the effect of Fast Feet.

Level 10 Talent: Jug of 1000 Cups

Explained in ability overview section.

Level 13 Talent: Surging Winds

It is relatively easy to get value out of this talent by simply walking near 2 enemy heroes and casting your Blinding Wind. 10% extra spellpower for 10 seconds boosts your healing output nicely. It is great to pop Jug of 1000 Cups when under the effect of this talent.

Level 16 Talent: Two For One

Double Healing Brew? Oh yes please. Even though it increses the cooldown on Healing Brew by 1 second you still get 2 brews out at the same time. Both those brews also do healing over time thanks to level 7 talent.
This is where Li Li's powerspike in healing becomes apparent and youre generally much better at keeping your team alive even through some nice burst damage. You are also able to heal up injured friendly heroes in between fight very fast and efficiently.

Level 20 Talent: Mistweaver

Now your Li Li has reached her full potential and her healing is out of the roof. Mistweaver heals about the same amount as a Healing Brew but it heals EVERYONE near you.
You might at first be deterred by its seemingly long 30 second cooldown, but if you read the tooltip carefuly you will notice that this cooldown is reduced by 1 second every time you OR your Wind Serpent perform a basic attack. This cooldown is further reduced by Fast Feet which all adds up to you being able to cast this roughly every 10-15 seconds. If your team is at least half decent but you have been losing to this point, this is where the match gets turned around.
You can do absurd amounts of healing by this ability and it all adds up very nicely.

Conclusion Top

Thank you all for reading this guide, I hope you found this helpful and your healing capabilities with Li Li are increased thanks to this.

Leave a thumbs up or a comment if you would like to argue any points or if you would like to discuss anything with me.

Also make sure to check out my other Kel'Thuzad guide that is tailored in a similar fashion.

Gorthun Out..

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