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Li Li the Wanderer

By: Sirilis
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Heals for days

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Li Li the Wanderer Top

Li Li is one of the strongest support healers in the game. What she lacks in burst healing (see Uther or Tassadar) and what she lacks in multiple target healing outside of her heroic ability (see Rehgar) she makes up for by healing every 3 seconds. This is the most important thing to understand about supporting as Li Li. Never waste the ability to keep healing. If you CAN hit Healing Brew, do it. It is grayed out if nothing in range needs the heal. Also something to note is that whatever target has the little holographic leaf above their head is your current smart heal target. Li Li is all about positioning yourself so that your heal target is the target you actually want to heal. Low health Murkys love to stand around in healing range and I recommend repositioning to avoid healing him most of the time. Another strong point of Li Li is the low mana cost of playing support. It is quite mana intensive if you plan to spam ALL your abilities, but not necessarily useful or required in a support build.

Healing Brew: This is Li Li. As I said before hit this on cool down, every cool down... unless your healing target is actively using their hearthstone or you're low mana. It is surprisingly strong to keep healing your creep waves and allows Li Li to actually push pretty well.

Cloud Serpent: A very weak, random-target damage boost to Li Li or an ally. If you think your few tiny damage pings will turn the tide of the battle, use it, but otherwise it is not very strong. If you have tons of mana, of course spam this thing for days, extra damage is extra damage. If you build INTO Cloud Serpent, this guy can get quite strong, but in the support build it is very lackluster.

Blinding Wind: An amazing spell against certain enemies. Generally every time the enemy team initiates a team fight, flick this out from the back lines. Properly positioned, all the melees that are charging up front will miss out on a couple of their autoattacks. This especially messes with certain assassins like Illidan, Zeratul, and Nova that can rely on bursting out initial autoattacks. Illidans usually spec into increased damage after Dive and Sweeping Strikes gives a short-term auto attack boost. Making him miss is amazing. Roughly half of all Zeratuls will get Assassin's Blade and again this will negate that. On Nova this is particularly hilarious if they are specced into Anti-Armor Shells because two attacks is quite a long time.

Fast Feet: Li Li's ability to never die is renowned. Every time the enemy hits you, you run faster for one second. The only danger to you is enemy crowd control. If they slow you, stun you, or body block you, you will die. You have very low health. Also a smart enemy will not hit you until they are in position for multiple strikes before you outdistance them. Keep this in mind and try to position yourself accordingly.

Heroic Abilities:

Jug of 1,000 Cups: Massive aoe heals to friendlies in range. Remember you only throw one cup (or two cups at 20) at a time and try to position yourself so that these cups are hitting who you want them to hit. Hold on to this in team fights and wait to see most or all of the enemy's stuns used before hitting this. Also beware Zeratul's Void Prison and Tyrael's Judgment.

Water Dragon: A great slow and damage on one target unless the enemy is very clustered. Generally in my opinion it is either a win harder or lose slower button in the sense that it lets you kill a running enemy or prevent the enemy from trying to run OR lets your team escape. However, Jug of 1,000 Cups is frequently the team fight turnaround you need, so I don't recommend this talent unless your team sorely lacks damage.

Heals for Days Top

In this build Li Li is absolutely maximizing her support function. As I've said a few times, spam Healing Brew like it's the only button on your bar. If it's not gray or on cool down, you're probably doing it wrong. Position Li Li to make the leaf be on who you want and Q away. As with most supports, you must be very cognizant of your positioning at ALL TIMES. Be aware of exactly where Healing Brew will land. Know who you will hit with Blinding Wind. Put the right people in Jug of 1,000 Cups. If the enemy has cloaked assassins you literally have no way to make them visible, but keep an eye out and try not to get popped. Fast Feet will make you a difficult support to kill and because of this you can just keep healing.

Teir 1:
Conjurer's Pursuit: Absolutely the recommended talent for support. Li Li needs mana and spamming Q will use it up. Focus on collecting orbs at all times. If you are near a merc camp your team is getting, get that orb. Stick close enough to creep waves to get those orbs. While laning against enemies without stuns you are a great choice to slip in, snag the orb, get poked, heal and run out.

Pro Toss: Changes your positioning and lets you hang further back in team fights. Don't take this if Nova or Zeratul will jump you in the back lines. Also take this if you think your foolish team will be running from their healer all the time. Because it does not actually contribute to more healing and the positioning can be made up for by better play, I generally do not recommend this talent.

Timeless Creature and Gale Force: Not as a support. You can build Li Li into support damage instead of focusing on support heals, but it is not your strong suit. Only go this build if your team REALLY lacks any damage whatsoever or you just need to level your Li Li and hate being a support.

Tier 2:
Healing Ward: Yes. This is necessary to make up for your general lack of multitarget heals AND to establish a dominant position in team fights. Drop it relatively early to help out whoever gets focused.

Mending Serpent: Super weak. However this talent allows you to top off a player without staying in lane with them. If you need to rotate around a ton, toss this on someone who is fighting creep waves so they can get full hp again. Situationally useful, but not recommended.

Mass Vortex: If your team needs aoe slow to chase down enemies, don't take Water Serpent, take this and then get Hindering Winds at 13. Also useful if more than 2 players on the opposing team are melee carries... which usually never happens.

Lingering Blind: Only good if there's one enemy melee carry wrecking your team in every engagement (silly Illidan).

Tier 3:
The Good Stuff: Making that button you've hit 200 times by now heal an extra bit is awesome. Your goal is maximum healing, so take this.

Pitch Perfect: If you find you haven't got the stacks of Conjurer's Pursuit you need or that you just have to hit all those other buttons to feel useful, take this to help conserve mana. Word of warning: you will continue to get a larger mana pool and more stacks of Conjurer's Pursuit as the game goes on, making this talent choice less and less useful.

Shake It Off: If the opposing team has way too much CC for anyone to watch for or you just feel like you can't escape ever because of stuns and slows, this is an okay choice. Regrettably again, most of these issues are made up for by playing better so not recommended.

Lightning Serpent: Not as a support. Again, there's the damage Li Li build but it's not her strong suit.

Heroic Ability:
Jug of 1,000 Cups: A game-changing heal. Li Li throws one cup at a time to allies in range for 6 seconds, healing the heck out of people. At level 20 this button is about 3500 group healing and will absolutely turn the tide of a battle.

Water Dragon: A moderately low damage, small area slowing effect. Only necessary if you both didn't take Hindering Winds and your team keeps not being able to chase. Or if your team has to run from every engagement.

Tier 5:
Elusive Feet: This will dramatically increase your survivability by reducing incoming basic attack damage. Since Li Li is already relatively annoyingly hard to kill, this usually pushes things over the top. I don't recommend taking this WITH Shake It Off unless you are absolutely the opponent's ONLY focus target.

Hindering Winds: This will help your team in every team fight and synergizes very well with Mass Vortex. Again only take this set up if your team lacks other forms of CC to chase down their enemies.

Shrink Ray: VERY VERY strong ability with one massive downside. You have to get quite close to a very aggressive enemy carry to use this talent. This means you are very much not positioning yourself to maximize Healing Brew and are also susceptible to getting stunned before you land this and then getting wrecked. If the enemy team is NOT focusing you, this is a very strong choice as it absolutely disables the primary opposing damage dealer or prevents the enemy tank from positioning himself.

Tier 6:
Two For One: Increasing your cooldown by 50% and doubling your healing output is a 33% bonus to healing. This is amazing. Also it increases your mana efficiency and reduces your mana throughput. In less theorycrafting talk: TAKE THIS TALENT.

Safety Sprint: Remarkably good as long as the opposing team also has speed buffs. Valla can no longer catch you and generally Illidan's cooldowns are too long to keep up. Take this talent if you find yourself constantly out of position and getting ganked. However, taking this talent is pretty bad because of how strong the other talents in this tier are. Basically you should have taken Elusive Feet 3 levels ago.

Herbal Cleanse: A fantastic talent to prevent enemy CC. Since you still Healing Brew every 3 seconds and you smart heal the lowest health target, this will frequently save whoever the opposing team is focusing. Regrettably it also SUFFERS from the fact that it is a smart heal and if one of your teammates showed up to the fight already low and is not the focus target, you'll keep dispelling the un-CCed friendly. Ouch.

Serpent Sidekick: For the Li Li damage build. No.

Tier 7:
Storm Shield: As if Jug of 1,000 Cups wasn't already strong at turning team fights around, you get to give a 20% health bubble to your whole team. Generally I hit this shortly after the engagement and right before hitting Jug of 1,000 Cups. Giving out a short bubble that lasts half of your massive heal absolutely turns almost every team fight. Proper use of Storm Shield is the essential part of being a healer.

Jug of 1,000,000 Cups: Double the healing of 1,000 cups. Yow. Regrettably makes CC on you even more dangerous AND makes you very reliant on a longer cooldown and perfect positioning. A very strong talent, but not quite as game changing as Storm Shield.

Kung Fu Hustle: If the enemy team is slamming terrible aoes or focusing you and not able to kill you... this is absolutely overpowered. Again though, this has the massive drawback of requiring you to forget everything about positioning and literally stand in fire. Also only take this talent if you have really good stacks on Conjurer's Pursuit and you find yourself entering every engagement with near full mana. If you get hit consistently with this talent you can literally do nothing but slam Q and heal faster than anyone in the game. This talent is AMAZING... but it is not my primary choice.

Bolt of the Storm: Not too bad as a leap forward when your team overextends or a leap back when you have to escape but the opponent isn't hitting you at the time. Again, if you take this talent you REALLY REALLY should have taken Elusive Feet, Safety Sprint, or Shake It Off. Or two of them. Taking this is throwing away so much extra support potential I do not recommend it at all.

All of them. Stick with a buddy and heal for days. Do not get caught alone unless you are intentionally baiting people into trying to chase you so they'll ignore more important things.

P.S.:: I am aware I have been dissing on Li Li's damage ability throughout this guide. A properly specced Li Li Cloud Serpent DPS build is actually an okay thing and does some solid damage. However, playing Li Li in this manner is pretty silly. Tyrande, Rehgar, Malfurion, and Tassadar will all greatly outperform Li Li for damage so to build her as such basically means you should have just come to the battle as someone else.

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