Li Li's Epic Heals by SoulllessxGinger

Li Li's Epic Heals

By: SoulllessxGinger
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Epic Healing

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This is for the people who are okay with playing a support from behind your allies. You will not be solo'ing things (which you shouldn't, healing is the best thing you can do for your group as Li Li).

One thing I've noticed is Li Li has great mana regen, so your resource pool should be easy to manage especially if you take the first talent Conjurer's Pursuit. I took this over the healing range because there will be times where you want to heal yourself. Li Li's brew heal puts the lowest health person at first priority. If your range is increased you have to run further away before being able to toss yourself a heal or to manage who will receive your heal.

Stay behind your allies, you can basic attack from far and you will have Shrink Ray to help reduce some enemy damage while you are healing. If enemies get too close make sure to pop your Blinding Wind before you run away. This makes the next basic attacks miss you, allowing yourself time to escape as well as continue healing. Save the ultimate for big team fights. It will keep everyone alive while they beat down on the enemy.

Good luck everyone!

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