Li-Ming, Ranged Punisher by RapJuice

Li-Ming, Ranged Punisher

By: RapJuice
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2016
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Build: Li-Ming Ranged Punisher

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Threats to Li-Ming with this build

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Greymane Greymane has an excellent jump, and will use it- watch yourself getting to low life around him or he will Go for the Throat.
The Butcher Keep your distance from Butcher and save your teleport until after he charges you, you will need it.
  No Threat
Kharazim Kharazim is tough to deal with because he can jump right past your abilities and heal himself easily. Don't let him get in your grill.


Force Armor is a very nice little bit of damage mitigation. You need all you can get because Li-Ming is squishy.
Dominance is a must have. It is just too good. You often escape situations by the skin of your teeth, and then another hero trys to gank you at low life- this makes it much harder for them after you kill a teammate.
Zei's Vengeance is great. You want to always position your orb to get max range and with this talent you will drop massive chunks of the enemies health or take out whole groups of minions.
Wave of Force is good, but is often wasted because positioning can be difficult, Disintegrate, however can really do some damage and reaches a long way to get those long range kills.
Cannoneer is such a nice talent- perfect for finishing a hero who would barely escape normally when you have all abilities on cooldown.
Mirrorball is awesome. Shoots 5 missiles instead of 3- if all hit thats a 66% damage increase and if they dont its still a higher chance to hit with 5 than 3. This is when Li-Ming starts to really hurt.
This talent is so fun. Not only do heros take more damage from your disintegrate because they are unable to get out of it as fast, they move at a snails pace when you have a beam on them. You can stop someone from so far away with this and give your team time to catch up or just finish them off yourself. In team fights there is nothing better.

How the build works: Top

This particular Li-Ming build gives maximum ability to survive dangerous encounters by staying as far from them as possible. With this build you want to try and stay on the outskirts of a battle, no face checking bushes, or jumping head first into a brawl. You need to be tricky. fire your Orbs over walls, throw missiles and run back to a gate.

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