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Lunara Assassin

By: gangstermania
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Who am I? Top

Hi my my name is Felix. As you will notice my native language is not English, thats why I warn you about my spelling. I know... why do you insist to write a guide on other language that it is not Spanish? Well, it is funny and maybe I'll learn some of this experience.

Also, im not a pro gamer but I really like this game and it is mi favorite MOBA, then I want you to enjoy this guide and lets start.

Lunara pros and cons. Top

Well this is a hard topic because she is the last Nexus Launch.


- Insane damage.
- Buff mobility.
- Strongest auto-attack.
- Map vision.


- Extremely fragile.
note (if u usually use the lock cam it could fill some odd because of the little Lunara's jumps)

What is and what is not. Top

Some things of Lunara are obvious, some other things are not so clear. It is obvios that she is not a first line assassin ( Thrall, Kerrigan or Zeratul), she was launched to be used like Jaina or, even more, like Kael'thas, but whit a little variable, the (E) Wisp.

(E) Wisp is the key between the live or dead. If you use correctly this skill you can change the course of the battle. It is essential when:

- Lunara is taking camps.
- before of a gank.
- your team is not complete but exceed the enemy's team.

Use it correctly and avoid ambushes or strategy points taking.

Abilities Top

Nature's Toxin is the reason why Lunara is so effective. She poisons her victims accumulating 3 maximum staks, 9 second of pure pain. A lot damage even in early games auto-attack.

Noxious Blossom is really useful to get xp by farming minions, camps or objectives as well as starting a combo with her auto-attack.

Crippling Spores make sure that all Lunaras has touched die soon or later. It perdurables the Lunara's already damage by auto-attack or by Noxious Blossom. Indeed is the end of the combo.

Wisp already mentioned before. It is a survivability tool that balance out Lunara's fragility. It is essential to use it during all game.

Thornwood Vine is a range attack that provide a huge damage from safety place. With 3 charges it is useful to start or end a fight.

Leaping Strike is one of my favorite heroic abilities. It could be use it as defensive or offensive move.

Talents Top

Level 1:

Cruel Spores is the best choice for a aggressive game. It brings an insane damage over minions and mercenaries therefore a lane control. Natural Perspective is also a really nice talent but just in early game because if the team fight is a success won't need to run behind the enemy. Also you can use Wisp.

Level 4:

Timelost Wisp could it be the best option because honestly Wisp is just a spot in all map and spend mana in one spot every Wisp dead is, at least for me, useful if you can do it for free.

Level 7:

Wild Vigor is a key talent because it increases your auto-attack in a high level performance (even more). You'll achieve that almost an instantly enemies flight mainly the second combat line (assist and assassins).

Level 10:

Leaping Strike is, as I said before, an excellent heroic ability because provide two options: 1)clean the ground of low health enemies (max 2) or 2)give you an alternative tu run after and failure team fight or an ambush. In both cases, you'll achieve a new position to continue attacking o retreat. Furthermore you can jump over the fences and walls if the enemy hero is to close (even if he or she is close of fortress, care!!!). Imagine this ability as a game of 'checkers', jump over the token and get the best position.

Level 13:

Unfair Advantage will increase Nature's Toxin damage created by Crippling Spores. This make 2 advantages: 1)clean lanes and camps with less mana because of Cruel Spores, also 2)kill heroes that just need a little push. With this talent you have the possibility to increase your Xp lvl in few seconds.

Greater Spell Shield is really useful when the game is really close and Lunara is constantly focused by all enemy team.

Level 16:

Invigorating Spores is almost the 'jewel in the crowd'. This talent is relevant almost at the end of a team fight when the combo (Q) Noxious Blossom, (W) Crippling Spores and Nature's Toxin is already unleashed and finished with auto-attack or (R) Leaping Strike. Obviously is effective against camps or minions.

Level 20:

Boundless Stride makes Lunara capable to hunt more frequently and gives her a opposability to mend a mistake if you chased wrong jumping over an ally.

Notes. Top

Remember that this is just a guide. This build work really cool when your team has a warrior, if healer is not in your lane don't panic and use Wisp several times. Careful with stealth, Arthas and The Butcher, they usually represent a lot of problems.

By now I finished but I'll correct and upgrade this guide. Have fun.

I'll se you in the nexus.

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