Lunara - Hard hitter build, overview and tips by Moose

Lunara - Hard hitter build, overview and tips

By: Moose
Last Updated: Dec 9, 2016
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Build: Standard

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Threats to Lunara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales No escapes, No damage. She will always be hanging around in the back just go round the sides or leaping strike over her team if you think you can nuke her quick enough and then leaping strike out again. Free kill unless you are stunned by another player.
Leoric Has no way of locking you down or dealing meaningful damage to you aslong as you time leaping strikes correctly.
Jaina Easy to dodge and quick to kill but hits super hard if you don't dodge correctly.
Kael'thas Easy to dodge and quick to kill but hits super hard if you don't dodge correctly.
Li-Ming Easy to dodge and quick to kill but hits super hard if you don't dodge correctly.
Chromie Easy to dodge and quick to kill but hits super hard if you don't dodge correctly.
Sylvanas Lacks anyway of hurting you enough to be a problem unless she dives making her vulnerable to lock down with crippling spore and leaping strike. She should die first.
Samuro Just play keep away with him. No meaningful range and no way of catching you aslong as you spot him coming and take him out of stealth with blossom.
  No Threat
Gazlowe Diving with Leaping strike can land you in the middle of turret nests which will kill you very quickly.
Falstad Most fights against Falstad end with a draw. Make sure you have some way of tipping the fight in your favour before engaging be it allies nearby, a level advantage, health advantage or him being over extended. His escapes wont help him too much unless he gusts you away.
Raynor Will match you on damage and has a self heal. Don't want to mess with him unless he has over extended and has used his cooldowns.
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer Out ranges you and is not worth diving on with such a low health pool. Only engage if she is distracted or weak.
Illidan Can keep on you and stop you getting early DoT damage on him using evasion.
Tracer Can stay on you meaning its hard to poke. Can completely cancel all DoTs with recall.
Chen Can keep on you no matter what you do. Can tank anything you throw at him and can lock you down with the rolling barrel if you make a wrong move. Only attack with backup.
Zagara Not hard to kill but will poke you with hunter killers just as hard as you poke her. Make sure she uses hunter killers before engaging or wait till she is half health. Be aware that creep makes her move faster meaning you wont have an advantage in speed.
  No Threat
  No Threat


Build: Anti-Mage

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Build: Anti-Tank

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Talent Breakdown Top

Tier 1
First Tier of talents for Lunara are all fairly weak

Blossom Swell
I like taking Blossom Swell because it's easier to get more enemies into it during team fights and it's easier to hit targets trying to dodge it during laning phase.

Lunara never has mana issues. This is garbage.

Natural Perspective
Useful if enemies are trying to avoid further damage by hiding in bushes or teleporting away into fog. Generally not worth it though you have a wisp for scouting and Noxious Blossom for poking into bushes.

Cruel Spores
Useless. You dont have mana issues as Lunara and you shouldn't be 'only hitting minions or mercenaries'.

Tier 4
Nimble Wisp
I take Nimble wisp for one reason and one reason only. It moves faster then you do. If you need to walk through the jungle and you don't know where the enemies are you can send it ahead of you. If they are planning an ambush it will spot the ambush before you fall into it. As an added bonus it can be useful for on the fly scouting. "huh where are the enemies..." *on a whim sends wisp to scout boss and it doesn't take a month to get there*.

Timelost Wisp
Only two ways I can see this being useful one is if they are focusing your wisps but it will move slowly so wont be particularly useful for scouting jungle just on lane.

Second use is If you are super badass at predicting skill shots you could take this as a counter to Stitches Hooks, Nova snipes, Dehaka Grabs, Muradin Hammers or any other line based atack that stops at the first target it hits. Just have to place it between you and the skillshot at the perfect moment. Hard to do but definetly possible.

Skybound Wisp
On paper this one should be the best. If the enemies have stealthers its tempting to take but i find the area it reveals on death is small and stealthers won't kill it when they walk past so it won't reveal them.

Dividing Wisp
This one sounds useful for scouting objectives or bosses. Send one wisp to one boss the other wisp to the second boss and you have more vision but in reality it moves slow and tends to die before it gets from one side of the map to the other.

Tier 7
Siphoning Toxin
Self heal seems good but I tried it and I barely noticed it. Best just to rely on avoiding damage and your support to top you up.

Wild Vigor
My favourite by far. Gives Lunara some punch so she doesn't have to rely on slowly wearing people down as much. Also if enemies are running you can slow them with crippling spores and then hit them with 4 critical hits as they run.

Splintered Spear
I see this one highly recommended and I undertand it. You can DoT up multiple enemies at once. It is good but there are alot of good AoE healers in the game having some straight up damage to back up your DoT effects gives you more options.

Nature's Culling
Lunara shouldn't spend all game on lane and shouldn't be doing merc camps. Don't take this talent.

Tier 10
Thornwood Vines
Thornwood Vines provides more of what Lunara starts with. Options for poisoning up enemies poking and running for it. It doesn't do very much damage but can be nice for dealing with a full poke team. Definetly more useful against opponents like SGT.Hammer then Leaping Strike is. It is also better at dealing with objectives focused around killing mooks.

Leaping Strike
Honestly this is my pick for every single game. I used to mix it up but having a high burst damage, heavy slow with the added bonus of repositioning you feels far too essential to Lunaras kit to pick Thornwood Vines. Useful for chasing, Finishing targets, Repositioning, Escaping and just making the enemies get well and truly frustrated. Perfect tool for a harrasing DoT dealing character if used tactically.

Tier 13
Pestering Blossom
Makes your Noxious Blossom better at harrasing enemy ambushes. If you know they are in a bush you don't have to be anywhere near them to start putting damage on their entire team. Also good for sniping low health enemies, Killing Abathur that are behind walls and applying Crippling Spores to out of basic attack range enemies.

Unfair Advantage
This one sounds like it could be fairly effective if you just want straight up damage. I haven't tested it thoroughly due to how many counters for damage over time there are. Probably strong if the enemy don't have shields or healing.

Giant Killer
Take this if the enemy have alot of high health pool characters.

Greater Spell Shield
Super useful if the enemy have gone for a ability damage comp. Fantastic against Kaelthas and Chromie (especially Pyroblast which is Kaelthas go to move vs Lunara).

Tier 16
Choking Pollen
Haven't really tested how effective this is. I can't help thinking it won't make a huge diffrence in a fight due to how much reaction time it'l give the enemies healers. Would be incredibly annoying against enemies with no healing or shields.

Star Wood Spears
I see this recommended alot. I understand how useful it would be for harrasing especially when paired with the vision trait on tier 1 and the critical hit trait on tier 7. If you have a soft engage team comp it might be the way to go. Gives you no way of really punishing over extending enemies however.

Invigorating Spores
My personal favourite. You can turn Lunara into a spear machine gun which gives her immense burst if enemies over extend for healers. Combos well with giant killer for taking down tanks something Lunara is terrible at otherwise.

You can kite enemies back into your lines with normal spears then when they over extend hit crippling spores stand still and fill them full of spears (including a rapid barrage of crit spears from earlier talents) before leaping over them for the finish.

Let them Wither
Good if your team really lacks control. I feel like her normal slows are good enough for most comps however. You would have to be up against a bunch of skirmishing characters with literally no CC to make this really come into its own.

Tier 20
Forest's Wrath
Could be useful for a long range harass spec.

Boundless Strike
I take this one mostly because one charge of Boundless Strike makes me feel safe and two charges makes me feel dangerous. So having two Charges back everytime the cooldown comes off at can allow you to be much more aggresive. It also makes the escape potential much stronger as you can jump to allies stopping enemies from zoning you as effectively.

Galloping Gait
Probably the strongest talent on tier 20. I don't take it mostly because I go through an entire game not having a 'Z' and then gaining a 'Z' move at 20 I just completly forget I have it. If it doesn't bother you gaining a new ability in the last 3-5 minutes of a game i'd say this is a fantastic pick.

Abolish Magic
I love the idea behind this. It has SO much potential I really just wish it made the target unstoppable for the duration as its so it had more utility. It is VERY limited in what it can be used for. If the enemy has a long lasting CC and targets a key party member every single fight then take this and give them a surprise when their old tricks stop working.

Early Laning Top

At the start Lunara will almost always lose a straight up fight because her damage is delayed. You want to focus on applying your DoT effects and getting out. Make sure to use cripping spores to slow your opponents down if they try to dive you or to slow them down and get a couple of cheeky spears into them as they fall back. Your aim is to take more overall health off of them once the DoT has fully taken effect then they take off of you in these very brief engagements.

Always make sure your wisp is up and in the bushes to cover your flank. You can't survive being flanked as Lunara until level 10 when you get leaping strike.

Post level 10 Top

After level 10 and having acquired leaping strike you can now start ganking and being more active in team fights. Make sure to keep track of how many charges of leaping strike you have left. If you have two charges you can afford to dive into a team fight to secure and kill and then dive out again. If you only have one charge don't feel the need to use it you want to hold onto it incase someone tries to dive you.

Always remeber that a Lunara with a leaping strike charge is dangerous and hard to lock down but a Lunara without any leaping strike charges is a juicy target for assasins. Holding onto a charge makes you a much less desirable target.

Double leaps can be an effective means of dealing damage but leaves you vulnerable. If your leap target is on the edge of a battle its often better to leap over then then start skirmishing away from the fight in the other direction harrasing the healer or mage you chose as your target until the enemy team send someone to deal with you then you can kite them until they become a threat and leap over them to safety. Clever enemy teams will try to zone you so you have no safe options for leaping strike. Be aware in these situations you can use Leaping strike to leap to any hostile target including lane minions, merc camps and walls. It can be helpful to take note of where minion waves are and leave enemy walls intact just to give you more options in these scenarios.

If there are no safe places to leap to don't panic and use your leap anyways. Your leap is your lifeline. Continue skirmishing if they are zoning you then only one or two opponents will be actively engaging you in combat. Make sure to spread your poison between your attackers and use crippling spores to slow them down. Continue skirmishing. Chances are the enemies zoning will get bored of waiting for their team mates to finish you and get the "FFS let me do it" mentality. They will rush in and THAT is when you use your leaping strike. If the zoners move forward you can use the leaping strike to clear them and then crippling spores to slow the enemies gaining a head start to make a break for it.

Positioning is very important for survival when playing as Lunara. Make sure you position yourself so that the target you want to leap to isn't directly lined up with any walls. You will hit the wall when you leap over the target cornering yourself. You can't afford to be cornered so it will force you to immediately use your second charge of leaping strike if you don't clear all the enemies with this leap you will be set upon by the entire enemy team. Always make sure there is room to skirmish after your first leap to avoid this.

On a similiar note try not to land directly next to any strong ranged basic attack dealers such as Raynor, heavy stun or silence characters such as Muradin and Alarak or in any roots such as Malfurions Entangling Roots. Getting CC'd immediately upon landing is death unless the enemy team is highly uncoordinated.

Movement Top

A great tip for Lunara is to make sure you use her unique movement mechanics to stay mobile and dodge badly aimed enemy attacks. She can hop once inbetween each basic attack which means alot of clicking and having to get a rhythm going.

The best way to handle movement in a 1v1 scenario is to right click in the direction you want to dodge in and then after one 'hop' press 'A' and left click which will immediatly make Lunara stand still and target the nearest enemy. This is also useful for lane clearing where you don't want to be an easy target for snipes.

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