Lunara the Hammer by Buwaro_Elexion

Lunara the Hammer

By: Buwaro_Elexion
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Build: Merc Grinder

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Threats to Lunara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Murky D'aww... a baby murloc...
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Jaina Constant slows on you will force you into fights you cannot win.
Gazlowe You are likely to come across a mechagoblin spec'd Gazlowe, and the resulting fight would not be in your favor.
Nazeebo His zombies will cage you in, which would be even more lethal than usual because of your inability to deal hero damage.
  No Threat
Nova Any hidden burst dps is dangerous to a pure siege build.
Zeratul Any hidden burst dps is dangerous to a pure siege build.

Your task Top

As a Merc Grinder, you duty is simply to destroy incoming nonheroes, and also deliver heavy structure damage when you run out of mercenaries. Camping and defending are common tasks, but you are able to push up with minions and deliver heavy damage to a fort before having to wait for more minions.

Tier 1 Top

Blossom Swell 20% isn't very much but is something at least, but Cruel Spores is more important.

Photosynthesis No. This will not help you at all, mana is not a real problem in most builds and this isn't the answer.

Natural Perspective A handy pick and I usually opt for it when I'm not in Merc Grinder, but Cruel Spores is more important for this.

Cruel Spores As foolish as it sounds, this is an ideal pick. It will allow for a foundation to build upon later in this spec. This may be of little use in early game, but it will be a powerful item in late play.

Tier 2 Top

Nimble Wisp It is handy, but doesn't fulfill your needs for a lookout, typically.

Timelost Wisp Another handy item, but again isn't what you want for a lookout.

Skybound Wisp A false friend, and while it is cool for watching out over obstacles, Also not what you need for watching as much as possible.

Dividing Wisp Your ideal lookout(s), who will watch both ways to the camp you're grinding.

Tier 3 Top

Siphoning Toxin Insufficient. The healing is simply not enough to hold you. Also not as cool as your recommended pick.

Wild Vigor A powerful choice, and with light testing I find to be equally as recomendable as Nature's Culling if you are focused more on single target enemies, such as an Immortal or a Punisher. It can be used as an alternate choice for Nature's Culling.

Splintered Spear Cool, but not the best.

Nature's Culling Your most important skill was just made even cooler against Spiders, Immortals, and of course camps and buildings. Thank Blizzard, not me.

Heroic Top

Thornwood Vine Spread that poison to the lane minions quickly and get more hits in on that fort when your unharmed (or at least less damaged than usual) minions reach it!

Leaping Strike Cool, but not really siege damage material. In player dps spec, this is the way to go, certainly; but not here, in this spec.

Tier 5 Top

Pestering Blossom Range is always a cool feature, but not your greatest advantage in this spec.

Unfair Advantage Remember that Cruel Spores talent? When you spam that on a nonheroic target, it is going to be constantly slowed. This is a nice combo, but not the biggest by any stretch.

Giant Killer You aren't in player dps spec, so this is not the way to go.

Greater Spell Shield Hopefully you won't be caught in a fight with anyone because of your two wisps watching out for you as you fight. Hopefully.

Tier 6 Top

Choking Pollen Not a bad pick, you'll be dealing a lot of poison on tough targets for sure, but not your strongest perk.

Star Wood Spear Range again is good, but you don't want range against a merc camp because of the possibility of leashing them back.

Invigorating Spores Your key skill. When you spam your Crippling Spores, modified with Cruel Spores, you will constantly attack swiftly when you go after the nonheroic targets, as this build is meant to do.

Let Them Wither More of a hero damage spec item, and you don't need to slow an immortal in stage one, only smash his face in.

Final Top

Forest's Wrath More vision is the biggest boost out of this skill, along with it's other perks.

Boundless Stride Not available. Very cool, Very unavailable.

Galloping Gait Very handy for running from camp to camp or from the far end of the map to the incoming boss/immortal/spider, but still not the best option.

Abolish Magic Cool, but not the coolest choice for your final. Hopefully you stay out of direct conflict whenever possible.

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