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Lunara the Lethal

By: Buwaro_Elexion
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Build: Nature always finds a way...

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Threats to Lunara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky D'awww... a baby murloc.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Malfurion Heavy regeneration skills negate your poison, get him to use his healing on others and then kill him when he is on cooldown.
The Butcher In late game, Butcher is a dangerous enemy for anyone to take alone, but your low health only makes it worse for you.
Zeratul Invisibility in general is dangerous, if you are not looking out for it. Steer clear from the distortion fields as much as possible, and if you make a Zeratul blink to you, that is fantastic, then they cannot blink after you when you flee!
Nova Nova is an exceptionally dangerous foe in general. Avoid going alone at all costs.

Introduction Top

I have not written a guide in detail before and therefore I am likely to assume you think the way I will think, which will be both of our downfalls. To describe my rotation:

Noxious Blossom An opening skill, good for preparing your combinations in late game.

Crippling Spores A spell needing timing more than spamming in early game. It's cooldown is long and it serves mostly as a means to open enemies to more damage from the team, if possible. Otherwise, use it for a spam in late game on a boss or objective; even in a teamfight if you can get into range of the healer.

Wisp A scouting spell, move it as often as you can to new locations and force enemies in hiding to reveal themselves, or have it rush a tower when it is about to expire and reveal the area if you have taken Skybound wisp.

Talent 1 Top

Blossom Swell Useful for clearing lanes, if that's your thing. In this build, it is unlikely to be needed, because your focus is annoying Heroes.

Photosynthesis Mana regeneration is always useful, however mana is rarely in short supply for Lunara between high cooldown times for the highest costing skills and her tendency for autoattacking.

An old fashion Nazeebo-type of skill, great for keeping a stealther at bay for a little longer, or just knowing if the target is hearthing or running through the foliage.

Cruel Spores You should never be dealing damage only to minions and mercs, at least in this spec.

Talent 2 Top

This is more of your opinion of the map you are on than a steadfast idea. Some maps need a flying view, others need faster scouts or multiple scouts. As long as you keep them out of enemy vision, you shouldn't need the timelost wisp.

Nimble Wisp Faster scouting and larger vision radius. Useful for some things, not so much for others.

Timelost Wisp if you think the enemy will spot it often, this isn't a bad idea. Mana isn't a concern for Lunara, typically.

My personal preference, allowing for sight beyond all things, similar to a scout drone.

Dividing Wisp While I have not used this yet, I see it as being most useful for maps that you must watch multiple zones, such as when your team (or the enemy team) is bossing in the Mines.

Talent 3 Top

Siphoning Toxin Less than useful as it stands currently. It does not scale with the stacks of poison out or even total poisoned targets. The regeneration will only serve you well if you hit and run, and only with a large amount of range talents.

Powerful. Like replacing a .22 caliber pistol with a .45 caliber one, for a few shots at least.

Splintered Spear A shaky pick at best. If teamfights are inevitable, then you are welcome to take it. I see it mostly for maps such as Ka's Temples and both Diablo maps.

Nature's Culling This is nice, but doesn't help for the concept of this build.

Heroic (!) Top

Thornwood Vine Powerful when used properly. It works in a way similar to a Nova's snipe. The damage is not as high, but it will pierce all targets and it holds three charges; and of course will deliver your poisons. It's final upgrade is also great in that it allows a vision increase as well as a potential damage output increase, but I find it to not fit this build's requirements as well as it's alternate.

One of the most blatant double-edged swords in the game that I know of. You are a very weak hero in terms of health, and you are no Ilidan with his evasion and so on. This skill serves as a great way to stop people from running away, one way or the other. This serves as one of the most powerful skills for Lunara, but it is up to the player to be mindful of where she will land. To put it in perspective: Lunara will be able to jump over the area of effect slash of a boss-type mercenary and have room to spare. This is the optimal choice for halting the last few to flee the fighting.

Talent 5 Top

Pestering Blossom A nice pick for control, and it can be used well with a good placement of a wisp, but generally not needed for this build.

Unfair Advantage A nice spike in damage, however unless you are paired with Jaina, I find it to be less than adequate for this build's needs. If you happen to be with a Jaina, persuade her into taking the extended chill perk at one and you two will be a force to be reckoned with, surely.

A classic standby, and it will create a strong combo with your third and sixth pick.

Greater Spell Shield A powerful self-save, but rarely needed. This kind of thing will save you from a Nova's snipe or a Kael'Thas using Pyroblast, mostly.

Talent 6 Top

Choking Pollen A useful skill, if you elect to open with an autoattack or use it in a longer fight, but generally not the best.

Star Wood Spear Nova is proof that "Range is Good" makes for a good motto, but this serves mostly for stopping runaways, something covered for by your Heroic ability.

A powerful talent and possibly your best out of the entire selection. This creates a lethal combination with your third and fifth skill in this build, laying out critical damage. Position yourself behind enemies so that if they attempt to flee you get a few more easy shots in.

Let Them Wither A fantastic skill for the supportive damage dealer, but nowhere near as powerful as Invigorating Spores.

Final Top

Forest's Wrath Shouldn't be an option if you followed this build as written, but I feel it isn't right to not pay it some respect. Longer range and faster speed for your rail-snipe skill is already cool, and increasing your vision radius as a static makes you more powerful than Nova in that sense.

Probably the best Heroic Upgrade-type talent. while it does not seem to be much, regaining both charges every twenty seconds and being able to leap to and over an ally is amazing. This combines Friend or Foe from Ilidan with a whole new look on the battlefield. You'll be able to easily catch a runaway enemy when you leap over your dashing party member and then leap again over the enemy and kill them, or at least severely wound them and then finish them with your other skills.

Galloping Gait A skill right from Falstad's book. This will allow you to move about the battlefield just as well as your mounted allies, but in different ways. Nova doing a triple tap? Sprint behind your tank. Pyroblast incoming? Sprint far away from your allies or into the Hall of Storms. There are many good uses, and this is a runner-up for your Final.

Abolish Magic I haven't had the opportunity to use this trait yet, however I see a great deal of potential for it, like the Siphoning Toxin Tier 3 talent. If this gets to work as a Storm Shield, even if it had half of the range S.S. has, it could be a powerful tool to counter an earthquake thrall or the like. As it stands now, I see it as a way to save your healer from death.

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