Lunara Ultimate Poke/Chase by TheVulong

Lunara Ultimate Poke/Chase

By: TheVulong
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015
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Threats to Lunara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur This is just free xp for you past level 10.
The Lost Vikings Free xp.
Gazlowe Without his turrets he's just a peace of meat for you.
Arthas Easily kited. Just make sure to dodge his root.
Brightwing His passive ability offsets your poison to some degree but overall he's not a problem.
E.T.C. Easily kited and doesn't possess any real damage. Not a threat.
Malfurion His ultimates are the only thing that might give you trouble. Otherwise an easy kill.
Nazeebo His zoning can make it hard to chase him but your mobility is definitely enough to dodge his attacks when he goes offensive.
Rehgar Doesn't have anything in his kit to kill you but chasing him can be very difficult.
Uther Easily kited but as all other supports will take some time to kill.
Anub'arak As lond as you avoid his stuns, he won't do anything to you.
Johanna It'll take ages for you to kill her but she can't do much to you either.
Kharazim Can be annoying and difficult to kill but not a real threat.
Leoric Easily kited but his Entomb can be a death sentence to you in certain cases.
Lt. Morales Can't kill you but her continuous healing is the main counter to you poison.
Muradin As long as you don't get hit by his stuns you should be able to kite him down no problem.
Murky The only thing you should watch out for is his Octograb, especially past level 20. Otherwise he's free xp.
Rexxar An annoyance more than anything. Can be difficult to kill due to Misha's zoning.
Tassadar Hard to kill but not a threat himself.
Zagara As long as you don't fight her on creep she won't be much of an issue.
Artanis Can be dangerous past level 16 if he picks Zealot Charge. His poking ability can hurt a lot too.
Azmodan It takes a lot of work to put him down and his Infernal Globes combined with Black Pool can really mess you up.
Cho Easuly kited but can burst you down if you get too close. Make sure to avoid his ultimates.
Gall Easuly kited but can burst you down if you get too close. Make sure to avoid his ultimates.
Sgt. Hammer She lacks mobility but her attack range can be superior to yours. She also has decent damage and poking ability so don't underestimate her in 1v1.
Thrall He's guaranteed to kill you if he catches you into his slowing ultimate yet he's easily kited.
Tychus Depending on his build he can be either a massive pain or an easy kill.
Tyrael Doesn't have much damage but can chase you down in the late game.
Tyrande It all depends on how good she is with landing her abilities.
Chen Killing him on your own can be very difficult. Also, his flying kick and rolling barrel ultimate can be dangerous if you're not careful.
Diablo Doesn't have the damage to kill you outright but can be very dangerous in teamfights due to his displacement capabilities.
Jaina She can oneshot you past level 10 but in the same time she can't do anything about your damage either. Attack her when her abilities are on cooldown.
Kael'thas His Pyroblast is the main threat to you, especially if you don't have Greater Spell Shield.
Li Li Very difficult to kill. She can also out-sustain you in 1v1 so it's better to not bother with her outside of teamfights.
Raynor Can be dangerous due to increased range and self-sustain so don't mess around with him.
Stitches If he's good he can CC you to death but as long as you dodge his hooks you should be fine.
Sylvanas She's got more dps than you as well as some poison of her own so try to harrass her before engaging.
Zeratul Certain death for you if he goes for Shadow Assault but as long as you don't go around alone he'll have a hard time chasing you.
Falstad You are very squishy and Falstad is one of the most powerful nukers in the game. His chasing ability is one tear above yours as well. Treat with extreme caution.
Sonya Can kill you in a few seconds if she lands her stuns so make sure to keep distance.
Valla Her mobility can be your downfall - don't get too cocky around her.
Illidan Can make a short work of you with his ultimates and self-healing. Avoid fighting him 1v1.
Nova Can oneshot you past level 10 so make sure to not wander around alone. Also, Spell Shield is a must-have against her.
The Butcher When he's fully stacked and has Lamb to the Slaughter, you'll be his favorite fresh meat. Avoid at all costs.
Kerrigan Very dangerous. One combo from her is usually enough to send you back to Cenarius. Avoid at all costs.

Talents Top

Tier 1
Blossom Swell - Bad
In theory this should be helpful since basic radius of Noxious Blossom is rather small but on practice extra 20% barely makes a diffirence. I expect this to be buffed in the future.
Photosynthesis - Bad
Since Lunara isn't really mana hungry this talent doesn't benefit you in any significant way.
Natural Perspective - Good
Very useful talent on maps with a lot of fog/bushes as it reveals an enemy for the whole time he's affected by Nature's Toxin. Must pick against Nova and Zeratul. Combined with Thornwood Vine at level 10 and Star Wood Spear at level 16 this hands down makes you one of the best chasers in the game.
Cruel Spores - Situational
Didn't have a chance to test this myself but the other guide claims that this is very good for taking camps and bosses.

Tier 2
Nimble Wisp - Good
Probably the best version of a Wisp. Doubled movement speed and increased vision range makes for great scouting and warding capabilities.
Timelost Wisp - Bad
Doesnt give you any real benefit other than reduced cooldown. Skip.
Skybound Wisp - Situational
Only usefull for warding.
Dividing Wisp - Situational
Good for solo laning as you can ward two bushes/lane sides at a time.

Tier 3
Siphoning Toxin - Situational
This acts more like a passive regen increase rather than an active healing therefore it's not much use in fights. Can help out with lane sustain however.
Wild Vigor - Good
After popping your W your next 4 basic attacks will do increased damage. The effect is not tied to a timer so the bonus won't go away untill you fire all 4 shots off at an enemy.
Splintered Spear - Situational
Sounds interesting but i'd say it's more suitable for laning rather than teamfights.
Nature's Culling - Situational
Yet another specialist talent. If you plan to do heavy laning and camping then pick this up.

Tier 4

Thornwood Vine - Good
Main choice for teamfights. Provides you with extreme harassment and chase capabilities as well as some decent burst damage.
Leaping Strike - Bad
While more mobility is always good, this ultimate doesn't give you nearly as much damage output as Thornwood Vine, not to mention the fact that it puts you at risk if used carelessly.

Tier 5
Pestering Blossom - Situational
Can be good if you're too afraid to get close to the enemy team. However, other talents in this tier are more useful.
Unfair Advantage - Situational
Can be good in slow-heavy comps, otherwise not so much.
Giant Killer - Good
Good old Giant Killer. Pick it up against double tank comps if you feel like you don't need extra defense.
Greater Spell Shield - Good
Main choice in this tier. Can save you from being oneshot by someone like Nova, Jaina or anyone really.

Tier 6
Choking Pollen - Bad
Since Noxious Blossom's damage isn't that high to begin with, this talent won't benefit you as much as one of the talents below.
Star Wood Spear - Good
This is what makes it borderline impossible for someone to run away from you. Also, makes it fairly easier to focus certain targets in teamfights.
Invigorating Spores - Good
If you have good tank and good support that can keep you alive then pick this up. Combined with attack speed buffs from other characters like Raynor, ETC, Abathur or Lt. Morales this can help you melt pretty much anyone in seconds.
Let Them Wither - Situational
If your team got enough DPS feel free to take this - 60% slow more often than not can guarantee a kill.

Tier 7
Forest's Wrath - Good
More range, speed and an increased vision range on top of that - must pick.
Boundless Stride - Situational
Essentialy lowers the cooldown by 100% and provides with extra means to escape.
Galloping Gait - Situational
The main problem with this talent is that it comes way too late in the game - at this point you're better off with improved ultimates or Abolish Magic.
Abolish Magic - Good
Cleanse for you and your teammate. Pick it up against stun-heavy comps.

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