Mad Poke (Recently Buffed Frostbolt Build) by toohuff

Mad Poke (Recently Buffed Frostbolt Build)

By: toohuff
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2016
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Build: Mad Poke

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General Top

With Li-Ming 1 shotting every other assassin from way downtown, this frostbolt build allows you to safely poke, and (especially if you can hit them with a or a first) deal an enormous amount of damage; mainly thorough .

- Jaina's frost bolt just got buffed so being able to shoot twice as many thanks to ice lance is great.

- Basic idea: Just hang back with your crazy range. Spam Frostbolt (hitting two chilled targets with Frostbolt every two seconds really adds up). Then, when the enemy team gets too clumped move up to 5-0 them with a perfect Ring of Frost combo. You also have to be careful not to spam your other abilities like Cone and Blizzard, so make them count, or you'll be oom pretty quick).

- It's really important that you try to hit 2 heroes with Frostbolt once you get to lvl 4

- Level 16/Ice Barrier: this talent is really great since allow you to get close enough to land the perfect Ring of Frost combo, also it combos really well with the 2 sec cooldown on Frostbolt. (however basically all of the lvl 16 talents are viable, northern exposure for obvious reasons, root is great against divers, and snow crash is decent)

Other Talents:
- Level 10:
RoF provides a lot of burst and is great with a divey team. If you're up against a good illidan/sonya/... Water Elemental provides a lot of needed CC.

- Level 13:
IMO Ice block is really good vs Li-Ming, and just too good in general to pass up. BUT Ice shards/blizzard range can be good depending on how you like to play.
- Level 16: (see above)
- Level 20: I think bolt is too good to pass up, but IMO all of the talents except Cold Snap are good.

Max Burst Damage: At level 20:
(on each of 2 key targets): 2880
(on each of 3 surrounding): 2180
(Total DMG): 12300

- most of which can be dealt in 3 seconds

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