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Malf the Boomkin

By: Waaargh
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2015
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Build: Malf Boomkin

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Overview Top

Malfurion can do a couple of things - he can be an alright healbot and mana battery. As he gains more mana and better mana regeneration from Conjurers Persuit midgame he can begin to spam Moonfire without worry of running dry on mana. This build is simply focusing on the virtues of the agressive boomkin. I maximize damage and effects from the aoe spells.

With a lot of aoe at your disposal your team should try to lure the other team into tight fights where you can bomb squishies and any damage going on to other opponents are bonus collateral damage.

Ultimate Top

Tranquility is choosen since preventing damage is huge and other teammates likely have something to CC the opposing team.

Positioning with Tranquility is far easier than with Twilight Dream which is helping to decide between the two.

Alternative Talents Top

Tier 1: Moonburn can be chosen if you are fine with lower mana regeneration, and you can readily wait to level 13 to start using moonfire very aggressively.

Tier 2: Shan'do's Clarity, if you go with a trusted lanepartner this is a fine talent.

Why not heal? Top

In my games so far teams are too uncoordinated for CC and healing to be of as much use as raw damage. So this Malfurion guide leans towards aiding with damage. Mind you Malfurion is still healing and handing out mana as much as possible.

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