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Malthael - Death Comes

By: Sherubii
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017
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Build: Death Comes

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Threats to Malthael with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
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Alarak Can be difficult if he lands his silence onto you, but you are able to dodge his silence with W if your trait is active on him.
The Butcher Will be a big pain in the ass if you don't get Inevitable End at 13.
  No Threat
Nova Very difficult to knock her out of stealth, but if you are able to land your trait onto her, she's dead.
Genji A Genji that picks up Dodge is a pain in the ass, that's a long 4 auto attacks just trying to apply your trait. Land your E and burn through his Dodge stacks, unfortunately there's no catching him, but you can deny him presence.
Tassadar His Slow alone will frustrate you to no end, not being able to apply your trait to people, and when you do only for them to get shielded will make you tilt.
Sonya Sonya can do a LOT of damage to you and lock you in place for focus fire. Get Shroud of Wisdow to negate some Seismic Slam damage
  No Threat
Li-Ming Has mobility with Teleport to dodge away from your Auto-Attacks, or E. The only time you'll be able to apply your trait is if you catch her by surprise.
Tyrael Sanctification is the end of you, sorry, the Reaper of Souls trailer lied. He also shields everyone around him denying some damage, and can get away from you before you have a chance to finish him off.

The Beginning to an End Top

Let me clear out the Elephant in the Room first before we get started. "But Sherubii, this build looks like ****!" Ah, indeed it does my friend, indeed it does. But, you should know to not always judge a book by its cover. What this build provides is, quite literally, everything Malthael needs, and I will go into detail in the second chapter of talents discussion to go over that. That being said, enjoy the guide, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Deaths Choice Top

Talent Level 1::.

"Sherubii, why would I take ****-tier On a Pale Horse over the more valuable Fear the Reaper?"
- This is because at level 7 you'll be picking up Cold Hand for any sort of escape, slowing anyone that's in range of you. This is also beneficial, for obvious reasons, when chasing enemy heroes down. So having the speed increase and the slow would be a bit of double dipping. On a Pale Horse provides some interesting benefits though as well, such as ganking and Merc farming. Death's Reach is a good option against Sgt. Hammer, so that you can initiate onto them without taking much damage, but On a Pale Horse to me, is a much better pick.

Talent Level 4::.

"Sherubii, why would I even consider taking Die Alone over Black Harvest, when it can synergize with Memento Mori?"
- This is actually a really good question, and might be the first thing that makes people throw this guide out the window, but please hear me out and let me explain. The number 1 thing Malthael suffers in is 1v1's against squishy targets. Valla destroys you, Thrall destroys you, HOWEVER... With the Die Alone talent, you can 1v1 almost anyone in the game with nothing to stop you. Yes, you lose out on a potential 10% of free damage to any target effected by your trait, but with getting Black Harvest you are giving up your potential to win a fight by yourself.

Talent Level 7::.

"Sherubii, why would I want Cold Hand over Touch of Death? Isn't negating enemy healing powerful?"
- Indeed it is, however you'd only want to get Touch of Death in specific situations, such as Li Li or Malfurion healing heroics (even though those are at 10, and you don't know which ult they will choose at level 7...) or in some cases if the enemy team is running double supports, and in some very rare cases, they have multiple heroes that can heal themselves such as Arthas Thrall Ragnaros Stitches etc. You can already do ridiculous damage with Malthael, so choosing a talent to negate a single, potential heal from their healer doesn't really do much. On the other hand, Cold Hand will keep enemy heroes inside of your heroic, will allow you to Assassinate players with ease, and gives you escape opportunities since you didn't get Fear the Reaper.

Heroic Talent Level 10::.

"But Sherubii, I want to pew pew people to death with Last Rites, why can't I do that?"
- Well, you most certainly can! There's just a time and place for it. If the enemy team has a Murky Abathur Zagara, or a hero that wishes to be split up from the team, Last Rites is a respectable choice. Being able to get a pick on someone will open up the objective, or side-objectives around the map to you and your team, and Last Rites fits perfectly with this type of playstyle. Tormented Souls however is the Heroic you'll most likely be picking up, as when the enemy team goes into full death-ball to try to counter your ganking and picking playstyle, they will meet only Death in thanks to Tormented Souls.

Talent Level 13::.

"But Sherubii, what if they don't have any AA on the other team?"
- Well, of course you wouldn't pick Ethereal Existence in that case then. This is a broad talent tier and the correct choice is needed for what you are going up against. Soul Siphon is handy against a poke heavy backline, since you'll most likely be poking at their tank until something happens, and any extra healing you can get is nice. Ethereal Existence will be used with multiple AA heroes, Inevitable End will be used for The Butcher and Chromie (if she took Temporal Loop), and finally Shroud of Wisdom will be used against hard hitting abilities, like Seismic Slam Flamestrike and so on.

Talent Level 16::.

"But Sherubii, if we are focusing on a Q build at the start of the game, shouldn't we get Soul Collector?"
- Memento Mori provides so much functionality that there's no real reason to pass it up. It's doubling your effective trait damage after 4 seconds. Objectives will melt, bosses will melt, heroes will melt, Mercs will melt. As I said earlier, this build is meant to give you everything. While Soul Collector would probably give you more survivability and more single target damage, it's taking away too much in comparison.

Heroic Talent Level 20::.
"Sherubii, you finally took a talent I agree with!"
- Yeah, it's powerful. The downside is being arrogant and dying the moment you pop this ability though. There are some instances where you might need to zone for your team too, such as if you have Sgt. Hammer on your team, which you will then need to pick up Final Curtain instead. NEVER take Reaper of Souls though, you should never be popping your ultimate to try and finish a low healthed target off, but instead using it to initiate your damage into tightly packed enemy heroes.

Playstyle and Laning Phase Top

[*] Your playstyle is going to be rather simple. Clear the solo lane while bullying the person who is unfortunate enough to end up laning against you. Once the wave is dead, mount up and rotate to another lane for a gank. Succeed or fail, mount back up and head back to your lane.

[*] Don't forget you can solo any Mercs but bosses, rotate your Auto-Attacks between them and hold Q, you will eventually get the camp.

[*] With Cold Hand and On a Pale Horse you should be looking for over extended enemies. This playstyle is a lot like Nova for ganking.

[*] When starting a team fight, only spread your trait if you need the additional healing, or if you start to get focused, since Die Alone does not proc if you're hitting multiple enemies.

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