Mighty Griffon, oh and Falstad // Survivability + AA Builds by Odd Arcade

Mighty Griffon, oh and Falstad // Survivability + AA Builds

By: Odd Arcade
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015
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Build: Falstad the Indistructable

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Build: Auto Attack Slapery

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A lil somethin' about me and this guide Top


Im oddarcade, or just hudson! I'm starting up making guides and videos again but now for Heroes of the Storm! My videos will be hopefully both entertaining and informative with quicktricks, hero AND map guides! Hopefully you guys love my Heroes guides just as much as you did my Smite guides back in the days of Smitefire. :D

Thanks for listening, see yah around braghhsss and enjoy the guide!

When there's a con, there's a pro Top


+ A tonne of survivability if you trait for it
+ Nobody is safe from your Overdrive Call of the Wildhammer combo!
+ You get to ride a freaking griffon
Falstad is in a wierd place, hes definatley not the best ranged carry now but he can still hold his ground. When you trait into survivability he can survive a **** tonne and still deal out decent base damage. If the enemy team doesnt have much cc and you have a lot of people then can also trait him into an auto attack ***** slapper


- Vulnerable to lock on cheese stomps like Devour
- His q, so slow, SO SLOW
- No hard cc in comparison to Valla's Rain of Vengeance
- You don't get to rock that cyber wolf
As for every hero, Falstad has a few drawbacks. However they arnt too bad and mostly can be avoided with practice and time. If there is a Stiches on the enemy team just stay the hell away from him and youre pretty good. You'll learn how far to stay back, hopfully this build helps play againts these more annoying heroes and keep you alive for daaaays.

It's not all just mouse click to win Top

Gain 20% increased Movement Speed after not taking damage for 6 seconds.

Throw out a Hammer that returns to you, dealing 290 (62 + 12 per level) damage and slowing enemies by 25% for 2 seconds.
Tips and Tricks
  • With the survival build, this ability will mostly be used to clear minion camps and to slow down enemies, the damage wont be great so dont prioritise it when trying to kill someone.
  • However in the aa build, this ability shines, by increasing its range with Power Throw and slapping them down with Secret Weapon.

    Deal 235 (45 + 10 per level) to an enemy, and an additional 165 (32 + 7 per level) damage per second for 4.25 seconds if you remain close to the target.

Tips and Tricks
  • This ability works wonders on merc camps, place it down on one of the golems and then aa the other, the damage will keep ticking, the shield will keep growing and youll be fine!
  • This ability is great when chasing enemies down because it doesn't slow you down whilst casting it or whilst it does damage.

Dashed forward and grants a 375 (90 + 15 per level) point Shield for 2 seconds.
Tips and Tricks
  • Don't forget that this ability gives you a shield and it can be a massive help in skirmishes!
  • This ability works over walls also, get to learn which ones for super duper surprise attacks and escapes. Also, with the trait upgrades that we take, this ability (unless you get cc locked) almost means you'll never die.

Push enemies away and apply an 60% slow that decays over 3 seconds.
Tips and Tricks
  • Personally I dont take this ability due to it being so situational. However it is VERY good! If you ahev good communication with your team you can almost always ensure captures of objectives.

After a short delay, deal 900 (311 + 31 per level) damage to enemies within a long line.
Tips and Tricks
  • Simply awesome ability that can won or lose you a teamfight.
  • This combined with Overdrive will allow you to half shot people from miles away, let alone when you get your hands on Call of the Wildhammer
  • Because of the nature of this ability, it is best to use when fighting in the jungle, the enemy team will be grouped hopefully in a gulley and you can have a nice teamfight against a team with half health.

Instead of mounting, you can fly over terrain.
Tips and Tricks
  • THIS IS SO GOOD! Especially on Falstad!
  • In terms of fights, Flight can be used to escape mid skirmish. It only gets interrupted from stuns etc so if barrel role is down and you have no hope then give it a shot and try to fly away!
  • You can also use this to cut up escaping enemies, if timed right then you can fly right in-front of an enemy with low health.
  • Ill talk about the effectiveness of this in terms of maps in the section down there a lil.

This is how it's done Top

lvl - 1 4 7 13 16 20
But whhhhay hud? This is only taken when going for the survivability build, it creases the amount of walls you can fly over, it obviously increases the distance in which can get away from someone, its just all around great for utility and survival.
Ahhh, I see. When taking Updraft and relying on that ability as our escape, its great to have that escape on a low cooldown. The other traits just aint that good either.
Go on... Once again, survivability. This coupled with the other traits really means you shouldn't die if played correctly. Ill say again, this build wont do much damage, but you will deal more damage if youre alive than dead.
Hmmm, yes, yes. This coupled with First Aid is the bread and butter of this build. You could be at 10% health but smack down these two sweet traits and unless its a Nova or a Zeratul, you're not going to die.
True, true. So this tier of traits, you could pick to further upgrade Barrel role by picking Afterburner which by all means is a great trait, you seriously wont die then. But the utility of just having a stun offers is great, it means you can interrupt that ulting Nazebo or STAHP that beaming Azmodan.
You're a genius odd! A GENIUS! Well beings as they got rid of Bolt of the Storm and this isnt an aa build, the best thing to do is take Call of the Wildhammer just for the obliterating teamfight ultimates and for picking off flies.

To dominate the enemy, you must dominate the map Top

Bribing dat pirate
stupid pirates

+ A pretty mint thing to do is to keep an eye on the enemys scoreboard. If a LiLi has got 23 billion coins and is no where to be seen on the map, quickly pop Flight, kill her and hand in those 23 billion coins for yourself. +
+ Flight also allows you to zip around the map collection coins for the camps for your team, in fact Falstad is AMAZING for this map.+
+ There is a lot of scirmishes on this map and the survival build will allow you to, well survive them.+

Pretty big crow tbh
like, yessus

+ Not too much to this map, when a tribute comes up then Flight allows you to get there. Try to push a fight ASAP as your team may be one member up as the poor Diablo trots down from top lane. +
+ The jungle fights on this map make an awesome area for Hinterland Blast to become effective so look out for those opportunities. +

Nobody tell Shyvana
sorry wrong game

+ Once again, Flight is stupidly helpful. If you manage to kill an enemy up top, don't sit around and defend it, quickly fly to the bottom and win that for your team. Nine times of of ten you can cap both before someone recaptures the top shrine. +
+ If an enemy Dragon Knight is pushing your ****, slap that guy and try to bait his headbut thingy on you, you can [[Barrel role] and cancel the hell outa it. +

Roundup Ultra 3000 got dis
google it

+ This build allows you to start fighting the Garden Terrors without your team, Static Shield will keep you topped up and you'll be able to get out of there sharpish with Barrel role if the enemy team comes.+
+ Take leadership and ping your team to take the closest Garden Terror which is convenient to kill. You'll be able to take it down in seconds then fly to the other one to disrupt the enemy team or start taking it for your team.+
+ If the enemy Garden Terror is trying to be all clever, bouncing between lanes placing down plants then simply follow him, your barrel roles will allow you to dodge the polymorths and slowly but surely punish him. +

Where do they store all the skulls?
murky, how u do this?

+ About 10-15 seconds before the mines crack open, head back to base, heal up and then Flight right back to the entrance, rather than entering with 2.5/2000 health.+
+ As a general rule of thumb, try and enter the mines from the southern entrance, the camps are more grouped together. As mentioned previously, your abilities will instantly take out the camps so be rapid and ruthless. +

Well that about wraps it up Top

^ ^ The End... ^ ^
hope you liked it!

+ There we go guys! A (hopefully) nice and short Falstad guide that can get you out there hammerslapping many Murky's into next week! Any and all questions welcomed in the comments, I'm always open to opinion and potentially making this build even better!+

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