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My Abathur

By: TehMaker
Last Updated: Nov 23, 2014
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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Azmodan The long range of Azmodan can make him a notable threat as well if given the right circumstances.
Zeratul Stealthed unit that can sneak in and kill your frail body before knowing anything is about to happen.
Nova Another stealthed unit that can snipe you down without much effort.
Falstad Global assassin. You are the incredibly juicy, giant worm to that Griffon.

Preface Top

This build is primarily for queueing solo or with one to two party members. The build I would use can change depending on the situation and compositions.

How I play Top

Abathur is a complex hero in HoTS and can be played a variety of ways. The method I play is pretty straightforward. I try to make the most out of what abathur is capable of and shines at:
    Being Anywhere
    Granting Vision/Map control/Knowledge
    Incredibly Versatile Heroic ability
    Mild lane presence without a body in lane

With these in mind, you can play accordingly.

Positioning Top

First off, you want to position yourself so you can effectively deliver your locust to the lane. This should be far enough forward that your locusts can be utilized before expiring but not so far forward you are exposed. You also need to be within a certain range to place your mines. The range is quite extensive but not so large that you can be anywhere you want. You don't necessarily have to stay in one place for the whole game. The deep tunnel ability has a somewhat short cooldown so feel free to reposition yourself throughout the match.

Abathur is the weakest hero in the game (HP-wise) and can only survive a few hits before chomping the bit. He is also incredibly mobile with his deep tunnel ability. Many players will use the vision blocks provided throughout the map as a forward station to spawn their locusts. This becomes even more potent when you can drop 3 extra locusts every minute. If you are in a more exposed area, be ready to deep tunnel back to your base if an opponent discovers you. Try to keep your locusts on cooldown by using them as often as possible. Its worth noting that you do not spawn locusts while copying a player so make sure you use the cooldown before casting your heroic ability on someone.

Priorities Top

I try to keep my eyes on the minimap as often as I safely can. You want to be where you can be most effective. Oftentimes this is symbiote on a forward hero within range of enemies. Use your ranged Q ability as often as possible and use the shield and AoE spike accordingly. There is a very short cooldown on symbiote, however, so don't feel like you are forced to stay in one player. I will try to get in a forward player within range of an opponent, pop everything and spam Q until they are out of range, then immediately find a new target. Don't wait for your opponents to enter n ideal situation, find something yourself.

That's why you are scoping the minimap. Be attentive to your opponents' rotations and be ready. If you see enemies collapsing south on your team, ping it on the minimap and be ready for the team fight. Or if there is no action going on between the players, hop in to an NPC or tower and peg down some creep. There is almost always something for Abathur to be doing that can contribute toward the game.

Timing your heroic ability can be crucial to Abathur's effectiveness. Unlike other heroes, when Abathur has no heroic up, he is lacking a sturdy body to soak up hits or assist in teamfights. When you get your final talent, you will have less downtime between heroics so it will be a little more forgiving at that point. You should gauge your team composition and assist in its shortcomings. I oftentimes find myself copying the healer to assist in supporting or a heavy DPS/Tank hero if we're lacking in damage or control. Arthas, Uther, and ETC are probably my two favorites to copy.

Limitations Top

Abathur has its drawbacks. Due to its incredibly unique nature, he becomes much harder to play well with teams that aren't knowledgeable on how he is used. Until you get level 10, you are without a fighting body. Though you can still fight through somebody, you are only about as strong as half of another hero. Your team will essentially be outnumbered in many team fights so they should engage accordingly. It's also helpful for people to know when you are hosting them with symbiote so they can take advantage of your abilities. Having that extra ranged attack can make a huge difference and allows your team to fight without focusing their time/efforts/mana on attacks.

Having a comfortable knowledge of the heroes' abilities is also a massive advantage. Copying a hero and not knowing the abilities can spell disaster for your time. Because this game is so team-oriented, which hero you copy, when you copy then, and how you play them can ofentimes decide the game. You also will have a 10 second cooldown on heroic abilities after copying a hero. You should copy a teammate before a team fight but not so long that your copy expires. You will definitely want to make the most out of your heroic ability, don't hesitate using cooldowns and being aggressive. Your clone will die anyway so make sure to at least blow as much mana and cooldowns as you can before expiring.

Author Top

You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.

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