My Li Li Serps Build by ruckusdrummer

My Li Li Serps Build

By: ruckusdrummer
Last Updated: May 17, 2016
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Li Li

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A very serpent dominant build. which covers DPS & healing all in one. Usually scores low on the score screen charts, about 50k-65k healing avg. due to the serps. healing scores, not registering on the charts.

T1: timeless creature ~ Increases duration of serps. from 8s - 12s. & given the CD for serps, is only 10sec. one is ready to cast again, before these badass's even leave the battlefield.

T2: Mending Serpent ~ Some will argue, but I hold this talent responsible for 50% of Li Li's survivability / healing. Healing for 48Hp. at lvl 20. PER HIT. Combined with "healing brew" & "fast feet" this talent, 95% of time, is the basis for many graceful Li Li escapes.

T3: Lightning Serpent ~ adds an extra amnt of DPS to target chosen for serps. & adds a 2nd tick of heal this talent is amazing due to its increase in "H.O.T.". & is a wonderful addition to the DPS output.

T4: Jug of 1,000 Cups ~ Prolly one of the most clutch heals in the game, aside from its ability to be countered by a stun, which can be avoided with correct positioning.

T5: Surging Winds *situational* this talent advancement is really a toss-up, as hindering winds, is good for that extra bit of C.C. but in this build, i took "surging" which For 8 of the 10sec. of the CD for "blinding wind" one gains a 5% increase in ability power (healing & atk) depending on number of enemies (hero, minion or merc) hit. (up to 4 targets totaling 20%... 2 with this build @ 10%)

T6: Serpent Sidekick ~ An absolute game changer. placing a serp. on your target, also places one on yourself. in a sense, turning a 5v5 engagement into a 7v5 due to the extra dps being thrown around. not to mention.. the healing for you, & your target. combined with "healing brew" is brutal.

T7: Kung-Fu Hustle ~ Hands down one of the best talents in the game. as Li Li takes damage & activates "fast feet" all basic ability CD's are cut in half. increasing the survivability / healing power 10-fold.

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