Nesic's Build - Muradin ~Control Build by Nesic

Nesic's Build - Muradin ~Control Build

By: Nesic
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2015
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Build: Muradin

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About build:
This build is all about controlling enemy team(slowing,stunning,moving around) and I DO recommend it to good players that know how to position, how and when to use their jump,their stun,their slow and specially Haymaker which would literally lead their team to easy victory! (IMPORTANT NOTICE: You should always have 1 of your damage dealers with You to actually kill target You are abusing :) )

Some talent explanation:
Once You get Piercing Bolt your Infused Hammer makes Stormbolt gives more mana than its required to use it (If you hit 2 targets ofcourse) resulting in free mana+stun+damage which is pretty good once You get Crowd Control that You can literally spam with no CD in some team fights or fights around enemy creeps (You should always lure them to their creeps and take advantage of your Crowd Control there) also resulting in you getting healing advantage of Healing Static talent.

Haymaker is such a good talent if You know how to use it well (this is one of most important reasons why I suggest this build to good players only).
Example about how Haymaker should be used effectively for new players:
You get behind enemy assassin and throw it into your teammates, or behind your towers and walls at your forts which is mostly free kill in early stages of the game because fort deals high damage+slows your target. Later you should do same thing with keeps and core.
Also if you push with your team and single hero like Jaina is defending their walls from behind You can simply jump at her,stun and throw it out of her defensive position straight into your team resulting in such a easy kill (Be careful if doing so because later You must escape:p)

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