Never leave the fight... by C.M.J

Never leave the fight...

By: C.M.J
Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015
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Build: Regen and Chase

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Nova Nova is just an example but any characters with massive burst damage will completely counter your ability to heal.
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To begin with this build is pretty weak so being careful early game is important as the damage output of this build isn't quite so high as some others, but one you've got hot pursuit you will be able to chase down nearly anyone as with punishment you will almost always be on max hatred.
Once you get discipline is when this build starts working, as with before you will almost always be on max hatred and discipline so your health regen will be at 45%, this means as long as you continue to aggro the enemy you never need to leave a team fight or stop pushing. Blood for blood just reinforces this and bolt of the storm ensures that you can get out of a brawl to continue regaining health, and it helps with chasing further. The regen also means that in 1 vs 1 fight you can outlast people even if their dps is higher.

Now this probably looks like a **** build to anyone who is really pro at the game but it works for me so just thought I would share my thoughts.

p.s it's really good on vs A.I in which laning is all you need to do as at high level can 1 v 1 a fort and win.

p.s.p.s Over 70% win rate as Valla.

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