Nova: Mage Build by AchillezxLBT

Nova: Mage Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2016
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Just to put this out there early...the 1st 2 talent picks are largely in place to set up everything from level 7 and on. The idea behind this build is late game insta-killing. Nova can practically burst down anything after the game hits a certain point. And the added kill security you get from properly timed triple taps just adds to the builds viability all around.

Talent Notes:

1) Makes Nova as fast as a mount without needing the mount. Allows you to get into position for takedowns with ease and again seeing as you will never be mounted you never have to take a moment to demount. Ever.

4) Rapid Projection is solely in place to synergize with the level 7 talent. Also at less mana cost you can spam it off more frequently.

7) One In The Chamber is the most vital pick in the build that sets the entire thing in motion. At 80% it functions like a souped up Follow Through. The idea behind the mage build is to spam off abilities and sneak in chamber shots in between for added burst damage. It becomes a lot for enemy heroes to deal with as the game scales to the late game.

10) I prefer triple tap for that fact that it is close to being guaranteed damage. And viable damage at that. Really sees its value increase at level 20.

13) Double tap is exactly where you see the mage build kick into a higher gear. Essentially gives you 4 OITC shots to put into enemy heroes. The burst becomes a major factor from here on.

16) Tack on the vulnerable to everything I said at 13 and you get the idea.

20) Tack on the instant reset to triple tap and again...Happy Hunting. :)

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