Overwhelming Carapice push by Abathurst

Overwhelming Carapice push

By: Abathurst
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Chapter 1: The only chapter Top

Basically this is just a build to try. its pretty simple so I'll just explain why I like this over locust based build. So here's why, with this build, I find your less likely to die, while you don't push a single lane as fast, your push is much stronger on all lanes, and those points in carapace go towards minions AND players, less point used on locusts, the main idea in this build is to push every lain at pretty much the same time, I found that if you ignore other traits and max the potential of shield... crazy things can happen, a single minion wave can actually push through 4 or so enemy minion waves, by using Symbiote on a minion in the wave, preferably in the middle or neerish to the front. You use carapace and spike burst, then IMMEDIATLY exit symbiote, wait for the cooldown, and repeat, that's it. the reason for this, is carapices cooldown is shortend by about half, and can thus be stacked before enemy minions can break the shield, and this shield is gonna be giving your minions the works, speed, armor and health regen, endlessly, see an empty lane? start shield spamming, also, after 10-15 minutes stay in base, your locusts are gonna be near useless, and when using this build you want to emphasize not dying, so when your done helping teammates, PUSH, Hard and fast, Every lane that you can, also, for your 20 skill, you can choose ultimate evolution over hivemind, but its situational, I prefer being able to help my team with double buffed carapace usually, in this build you want to be CONSTANTLY active, take advantage of any time you get, never stop the healing dream, remember to burrow in front of your furthest gate vision as fast as you can at beginning of game to get you first locusts to waste some tower ammo:)

So I hope you guys enjoy trying this, I know its not a great quality guide, first guide post, on anything, ever, I'm a huge Abathur player so I'm making this to commemorate my 100th match and 10th mastery level as him:)

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