Pure Healing, Bribe is for chuds by Swagjuice

Pure Healing, Bribe is for chuds

By: Swagjuice
Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015
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Tier 1 Top

Shield Dust
Causes you to use less mana as it overall prevents even more damage

Personally I think Bribe is pretty worthless, Brightwing doesn't do enough damage to make this effective, and each bribe only counts as one mercenary, so its pretty useless against mercenaries, its ok for siege Giants since there are only 2 of them, however I think the focus should be on healing your team, You simply cannot generate enough stacks of Bribe to make a difference.

Arcane Precision

Sounds good as well, but this will drain your mana which needs to be prioritized for healing

Tier 2 Top

Protective Shield

Great shield, every other talent here is worthless, this shield will save you and your team.

Tier 3 Top

Gust of Healing

Your first big heal, more healing output then Regenerative Rains

Tier 4 Top

Blink Heal

Your go to heal, has two charges, can teleport a decent range and can help you flee toward a wounded teammate.

Emerald Wind
I guess pushing enemies away is useful, but rarely, Let the team do the damage, picking this will take away your best heal.

Tier 5 Top


Brightwings biggest flaw is her speed, she cant mount and takes forever to travel the map, this will help you escape as well as reach your teammates faster

I suggest you use this talent when you spawn to quicken the travel time.

Tier 6 Top


Brightwing is amazing at Crowd Control, you should be spamming this as much as possible anyway so increased damage is a welcomed bonus.

Hardened Focus
Sort of a waste of time, If your at high health then your most likely winning the fight, this doesnt help you in a pinch, generally enemies will target you first for being a healer, if the other team is smart this talent will hardly be effective.

Tier 7 Top

Storm Shield

Can save your whole team from taking a lot of damage. It counteracts enemy ability damage if timed properly.

Ysera's Blessing

Sounds good but there is a slight delay between each cast, Storm Shield can prevent a large chunk of damage from occurring, which means less mana to spend/life bars to manage and healing needing to be done.

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