Ragnaros Molten Core Build by Slombeeper

Ragnaros Molten Core Build

By: Slombeeper
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
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Build: Molten Core

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Threats to Ragnaros with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
Dehaka Dehaka is not much of a threat but he can pull you into his team so try to isolate him or fight him alone.
  No Threat
Medivh Not really a threat but can easily block your Sulfuras Smash or Molten Core attacks with shields.
Ana Ana can sleep you and deny your healing with your sulfuras. Very dangerous when fighting melee with enemies.
Genji Genji is quick and can dodge your abilities. Make sure to lock him down with slows or roots with your team.
Azmodan Azmodan has longer range than you and can summon a lot of minions to damage you. Use your meteor to poke him.
Tychus Beware of Tychus minigun while in Molten Core as it deals full damage. You are still classified as a hero.
Diablo Diablo can be very threatening if he throws you into the enemy team. Stay together.
Xul Xul can root you and make you an easy kill. Keep a distance if you are alone.
Nova Nova has a lot of burst damage. Try to hit multiple of her clones with sulfuras for more healing. Be careful.
Chromie Chromie can shoot from range and avoid most of your abilities, even in Molten Core. Watch out!
Tracer Tracer can quickly damage you and avoid your meteors and melee attacks. Try to avoid her by staying with your team. But watch out for pulse bomb.
The Butcher You lack crowd control. Escaping a butcher is nearly impossible and you will be turned to ash. Try to stay with your team and keep an eye on the mini map to see where he is.

Talent choiches Top

This build focuses around Molten Core and Blast Wave to make Ragnaros more mobile and offensive with his Molten Core usage.

Level 1:
For this build, Engulfing Flame is a talent we will use to combo later with the level 4 and 16 talents. Extra damage and range lets you hit more enemies and clear minion waves easier.

Level 4:
Slow Burn is good because it lets you make an escape or to prevent enemies from escaping a melee fight. Together with Engulfing Flame, you can more easily escape or catch up.

Level 7:
Hand of Ragnaros is a good talent because it lets you gain a lot of healing from your melee because it reduces its cooldown. This talent lets you engage in teamfights more easily and survive longer.

Level 10:
Our heroic will be Sulfuras Smash because it lets us deal a lot of damage and dominate enemies trying to outrun you or it can be used in molten core to finish off opponents. Lava Wave is not a bad choice either. If prefered, you can take it instead, but remember that we will be focusing on the Molten Core in this build so you will have a lot of seige damage already.

Level 13:
Cauterize Wounds will give Ragnaros more survivability which lets him be a better teamfighter and survive much longer. The other talents can be considered but are not as viable. I do not suggest picking Tempered Flames as it is not good enough at the moment.

Level 16:
Blast Echo is one of the most crucial talents for this build as it lets Ragnaros clear mercenaries, escape or give utility for his team while dealing a lot of damage. It's primary use is together with the increased slow and range at level 1 and 4 to maximize its viability and to escape after using Molten Core.

Level 20:
Obviously, we're going for the Heroic Difficulty talent because it reduces its cooldown and makes it much more better in terms of health and damage. At this level, do not be afraid to use Molten Core offensively most of the time because it can still relatively quickly become available again for you to defend the next push. I will talk more about Molten Core in the next chapter.

Molten Core Top

Molten Core abilities:
Molten Swing (Q)
Meteor Shower (W)
Explosive Rune (E)
Sulfuras Smash (R)
Cancel Molten Core: Return (D)

While in Molten Core, try to utilize your abilities with combos and support by your team. Ragnaros is surprisingly fragile in Molten Core form and he can quickly be punished and killed. Because of this try to use Molten Core when the enemy is fighting your team AROUND a keep/fort, instead of having all enemies next to you and your team on the other side. This will make it less easy to kill you and you will have more influence with your abilities as your team can help you and lock down enemies, for example into your Explosive Rune.

When using Molten Core, remember where you cast it because you will return to that location when it ends. For example, if you cast it on the enemy side of the fort/keep, be aware of enemies trying to kill you. Use Blast Wave to slow enemies trying to chase you down and to gain that speed boost.

Sulfuras Smash has MUCH longer range in Molten Core. It reaches as far as your range of your other abilities in Molten Core! Try to watch for opportunities with your team when you can launch a Sulfuras to finish off an enemy trying to escape or affected by CC.

When using Molten Core you can do following combo: Molten Swing > Sulfuras Smash > Explosive Rune. Molten Swing stuns enemies hit for 1 second and Sulfuras Smash lands after 0.75 seconds stunning for 1 second if enemies are hit in the center. This let's you hit a center hit with Sulfuras almost guaranteed. By immediately using Sulfuras Smash and Explosive Rune after Molten Swing, you can deal a huge amount of burst damage. Enough to finish most heroes below 50% health. I suggest to not use Meteor Shower in this combo because it does not hit as many shots as it can do if you use it against heroes trying to escape. Use Meteor Shower to instead finish off fleeing enemies or to hit further than your range because of the ability's meteors' path reaching further. Keep an eye out for low health enemies and prioritize focusing on one enemy so that the enemies cannot simply heal themselves. Remember! The meteors slow by 25%.

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