Raynor - Auto Attack Frenzy (Butcher Patch) by Synagain

Raynor - Auto Attack Frenzy (Butcher Patch)

By: Synagain
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2015
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Build: Raynor - Auto Attack Frenzy (Butcher...

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Talents Top

This chapter gives a brief overview of the talents chosen and WHY. In the second chapter there is a play through guide explaining the talents and showing how each works.

Level 1 - Seasoned Marksman This is important because this build focuses on auto attacks, this ability lets your auto attack grow over time and towards end game become really strong.

Level 4 - Focused Attack This talent empowers your basic attacks allowing random ones to hit much harder than normal. This talent will be important to get in this build as once again we are focusing on building the auto attack strength.

Level 7 - Revolution Overdrive This is great for team fights, and for getting the last hit on enemy heroes that are retreating. When you use this ability your movement speed is increased by 10% and an additional 5% for each allied hero near you. So using this during a team fight good theoretically increase your movement speed by up to 30%

Level 10 - Hyperion Easy to use and manage, this ability persist through death and can make a team fight in a lane very easy.

Level 13 - Double-Barreled This gives you a second charge of your Q ability and when you pair it with the next level 16 talent it can truly become deadly.

Level 16 - Bullseye This makes your Q ability deadly - it stuns the first target it hits (which can be very helpful for interrupting important spells like Valla's Strafe for example.

Level 20 - Nexus Frenzy This is a great end game ability - it increases your attack speed by 20% and also your range by 20%. In an end game team fight this can really make the difference, especially if you have done your due diligence by empowering your auto attack via Seasoned Marksman

YouTube Play Through Guide Top

Quick play through guide vs the AI to outline the abilities/talents and how they work in real game situations. I'll be posting more video playthroughs on here as time progresses so as always if you enjoy them please subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you know when more are coming out!

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