Raynor Q hybrid Build (3500 mmr) iV_lemons by iv_lemons

Raynor Q hybrid Build (3500 mmr) iV_lemons

By: iv_lemons
Last Updated: Nov 10, 2014
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Overview: Top

Hi there, I am Lemons, I am currently sitting at diamond 150 and wanted to extent my knowledge on my favorite champion Raynor. If you are new to this champ I will give you a brief overview. Raynor is a strong attack damage assassin with high survivability and high burst damage if built to do so.

Early game:
Raynor's early game is weak compared to other assassins like tychus and valla. Because he's so auto attack based he doesn't do nearly as much damage as the other, more casting based assassins until later into the game. In the early game you are just going to want to soak xp in lanes and play safe. Raynor is relatively slow and bulky compared to the other assassins who have an escape mechanics. Raynor relies on his E (adrenaline rush) to stay alive but can still be killed quickly by high burst champions, so its your best option to just sit back and wait until you get stronger.

Mid Game (8-15)
Raynor starts to get stronger at this point in the game. he starts to ramp up based on talent choices and his high damage ult. he still is vulnerable to bursty champs or high cc champs like nova or arthas, but overall can start to duel other champions in the game. Raynor becomes an excellent poker because of his advanced optics talent. With this talent you can out range tychus, falstad, and valla. Once you get giant killer at 13 you become an excellent tank buster as well

Late Game (16-30)
This is the point where raynor becomes devastating. once you get your 16 talent bullseye, raynor becomes one of the best clean up assassins in the game. His passive, which reduced CD of spells by 10 seconds per kill, gives you the potential to mow down a team in seconds if unhindered.

Spells: Top

Penetrating Rounds [Q]- A high damage, high cooldown knockback skillshot, main damaging spell and kiting mechanic

Inspire [W]- High cooldown attack speed steroid, increases damage by a considerate amount, also escape/chase mechanic once talented into

Adrenaline Rush [E]- Passive heal under 30% health, strong survival mechanic, adds no damage

Hyperion [R]- Long Cooldown ult, very good for zoning but does not do a high amount of damage and is hard to position correctly

Raynors Raiders [R]
- Short cooldown ult, high damage but easily killed

Lead From The Front [passive]
-Reduces cooldowns by 10 seconds per enemy killed and 1 second per minion killed, very strong in team fights if you can get a reset

Talent Choices: Top

There are some different builds for raynor, I like a hybrid Q build for a decent stun and high team fight damage. this is most likely the second most popular build to the searing attack berserk build. I don't feel like that talent build offers as much utility as the Hybrid build that I tent to go with.

Level 1: Level 1 is a pretty easy choice, "give me more" offers a much better E compared to the base one, it allows you to survive high bursts like a nova or zeratul much better. bribe and seasoned marksmen have there uses but overall add less to a team. demolitionist and scouting drone are almost useless, let the supports and specialist take those talents, your job is to deal damage and stay alive

Level 4: Level 4 offers multiple options. I choose advanced optics around 90% of the time. its a very good talent that allow you to poke in lane and stay out of range of most tanks. Quick fingers is alright but because the 12 second cooldown of Q and 15 second cooldown of W, doubling your passive bonus isn't the most ideal choice here. focused attacks and vampiric attacks are also alright choices here, focused attacks allows for a huge burst at level 16 with bulleyes. Vampiric attacks adds a decent amount of survivability which is a good choice against low burst, tanky team.

Level 7: Level 7 has the most choice of any talent tier in my opinion. I take revolution overdrive most of the time because of the great chase and teamfighting potential. Fight or flight is a good choice as well against high CC champions like an anub'arak. Searing attacks is a very popular choice here because of how reliant raynor is on autoattacks, if you are looing for the most damage searing attacks is the right choice. The only option I wouldn't recommend is heavy ammo, the 100% knockback is alright but the 50% damage to structures is pretty much useless if your not running a heavy push comp

Level 10:
Level 10 is not really a choice, raiders add a ton of damage to your kit and will chase enemies for a very long time getting resets for you. Hyperion is alright if you are running a push comp or an AOE comp but overall it seems like it lacks damage. It is also very slow moving and hard to position correctly.

Level 13: At level 13 I always take giant killer. because of the tank meta at the moment you need the 1.5% damage on auto attack to chew through them fast. the other options of this tier are lack-luster at best adding minimum survivability boosts.

Level 16: Level 16 is where a huge portion of your damge will come from. I choose bulleyes almost 100% of the time. The stun is a massive boost to utility and the increased damage is huge. once you hit 16 your Q will Hit 500-600 damage. executioner is an alright choice if you have a very CC heavy team comp. the 40% damage is a huge increase. Beserk is a very good choice here if you take searing attacks as well. the two of these actives combined will take out squishy targets in very little time. cluster rounds is the only talent on this tier I would stay away from, the damage boost is alright in team fights but without the stun it seems weak compared to bullseye

Level 20: level 20 offers 2 options, if the enemy team has high CC or catch potential Bolt of the storm is very good choice. If you feel confident in you positioning and want increased damage the ungraded ult is a good choice, it adds a decent amount of damage and the perma-invis of the raider is very annoying to deal with when trying to kill them off.

Team Fighting: Top

team fighting is where Raynor shines, past level 16 I would argue he is one of the best teamfighing champions in the game next to Tychus or Falstad. With the right talent choices you can easily sit in the back and auto attack until you get a reset. once you can get a reset the team fight will be over. The increased Q damage almost guarantees a kill and another reset. along with his high damage he is very hard to kill if positioned correctly. Because of Raynor's huge attack range and E passive he is the most tanky assassin in the game. This allows you to keep in teamfights when others assassins have to leave. The one problem with Raynor is his movement. you have to be constantly orb-walking to stay at max range.If a tank gets to you its almost a guaranteed death. Raynor is very poor at escaping once slowed of stunned. Positioning in fights what will make or break you as a Raynor player.

Final thoughts: Top

a lot of people think that Raynor is boring because he is so auto attack reliant as well as only having 2 real spells with very long cooldowns. I disagree, he can be very rewarding if played to potential. nothing feels better then smashing your face against Q once you see that enemy under 1/4 health and watching them die. If you are looking for a relatively tanky, easy to learn, hard to master assassin with a huge upside. Raynor is a great choice for you. Also his Red master skin tint is one of the best looking skins in the game :) Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you find it somewhat helpful. if you have any further questions feel free to message me in game at lemons#1660.


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