Real DPS Tyrande by BitWise19

Real DPS Tyrande

By: BitWise19
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015
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Build: Go for the D

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First Talent Choices Top

So this build is pretty standard but with the addition of searing arrows at level 4. While the shield and totem are good ( especially the shield against high burst comps ) the searing attacks synergy with the later mark talents is massive. Your normal hero progression ( something that needs to be muscle memory to be any good with Tyrande ) should be flare, mark the opponent, then hit searing arrows. You should be able to be hitting the hero with crits for 40% + 25% each auto attack. Throw your owl as the final dps when they run. This should sufficiently scare off most assassins or specialists during the mid game if performed correct repeatedly. With the first talent pick, mark and lunar flair will line up perfectly together and this is no accident.

Mid Game and Final Burst Top

So around lvl 13 is when this build starts to get really dirty. With the increased attack speed of 40% you are averaging almost 2 auto attacks per second. Each around 200 dmg with mark and searing arrows. You can now take down heroes like nova or valla 1v1 if you are attentive to your heals and using your skills in the correct order. This is the reason I really like this build, Tyrande becomes an anti-assassin of sorts being able to dish out massive amounts of damage to stunned out enemies and healing quickly while the stun reloads. I am still experimenting with nexus frenzy but the choice of rewind is still the classic. Your second flare is sure to hit if you have the enemy stunned. The only issue is getting the button order correct. Use your searing arrows in the wrong order and you miss out on half the crits which is what this build really depends on.

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