Rehgar - Chain Heal Master Build by Skybrush

Rehgar - Chain Heal Master Build

By: Skybrush
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015
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Build: Chain Heal Build

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Threats to Rehgar with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Gazlowe While Gazlowe tends to deal some damage, he's actually farily weak against this build. High sustain and you can easily destroy his turrets with Ghost Wolf and shield.
Malfurion Other supports pose no direct threat to Rehgar unless they have CCs.
  No Threat
Uther Potent both in healing and with his stuns, Uther may pose a direct or indirect threat towards you.
Stitches Stitches himself does not have high mobility, but being able to pull you back in is both annoying and dangerous.
Brightwing Good healer, annoying for ganks and has a CC.
Arthas Arthas can be annoying. You certainly can't kill him, but his CC is easily avoidable, but he's scary nonetheless.
Sgt. Hammer Hammer is annoying since you don't really want to get in too close with people. And she hurts on long range.
  No Threat
Zeratul Decent mobility and some nice damage. Also, watch out for Prison in team fights
Illidan Heroes with high mobility in general are dangerous to Rehgar.
Valla High mobility, high damage. Stay away.
Kerrigan Leap, stun, high damage overall. Kerrigan is no fun for Rehgar.
  No Threat

The Hows and Whys of Rehgar Top

In my opinion, Rehgar is best played in synergy with an assassin. Illidan is particularly fun to team up with since he's got high mobility and with your sustain he can wreak havoc like never before. It depends on what your friends play and what suits your playstyle.

What Rehgar does well with this build is sustain and support. You're not there to deal sick damage. You're there to help others deal sick damage and keep them alive as they do so. This build also lets Rehgar have a really fun time soloing camps, especially from level seven. With your Lightning Shield you can easily take down Siege camps and even Bruisers early on to help your team out. Remember to use your Ghost Wolf off CD to make it even easier.

Counterpushing is also a pretty strong point for Rehgar as he can use his lightning shield to minimize damage taken and maximize damage on the creepwave.

With Ghost Wolf you're extremely mobile, use that to your advantage, but remember that you can't outrun mounts and slows that easily, so don't overextend simply because you've got Ghost Wolf.

There's a couple of different choices when it comes to builds. The build I use primarily is a high sustain build that lets you chase with and sustain a fellow assassin. As we all know, the Rehgar/Illidan Combo is incredibly strong, and with this build, the sustain train is very much real!

Now, let's talk about the tiers themselves and what our choices are.

Tier 1 - Level 1 Top

The first tier is surprisingly good in my opinion.
  • Spiritwalker's Grace - Good - My current choice. Gives you a nice reduction in mana spent, allowing you to really push yourself to stay out longer.
  • Colossal Totem - Good - The extra range and health gets really annoying for the other team, and if you can get past them with ghost wolf, you can set up a long, damaging walk for them

Tier 2 - Level 4 Top

The second tier has two good talents, one decent one and two bad ones in my opinion.
  • Chain Reaction - Good - My primary choice. Since you'll want to keep your Lightning Shield up as much as possible anyways, why not increase that sweet, sweet healing?
  • Feral Heart - Decent - It doubles your regeneration while in Ghost Wolf form which is nice, but it also requires you to idle a lot to make it really worth it. The pure boost to Chain is better in my opinion, but there are uses to this talent as well.
  • Stormcaller - Decent - Not the greatest talent in my opinion. Used to be really strong when it was a Tier 5 talent, but increased duration instead of reduced cooldown really makes this lackluster.
  • Shadow Wolf - Decent - This could probably be good if there's a high risk of ganks and you need that extra survivability. However, the obvious downside is that it's only for you, and two seconds isn't too much, especially if you're up against AoE.

Tier 3 - Level 7 Top

To me, this tier only has one choice.
  • Earth Shield - Good - This is THE talent. It boosts your sustain and healing capabilities a ton. Maybe you need a couple of extra seconds to get your ancestral healing off? Maybe you want to be able to fight better early on, help your DPSers live longer? This is it.
  • Battle Momentum - Decent - This has its uses, certainly. If you auto-attack a lot it'll give you very low cooldowns, which is always nice. However, that'll drain your mana faster as well. Either way, I wouldn't pick it over Earth Shield.
  • Farsight - Good - If you're facing an invis heavy team, Far Sight is your best friend. Got a 33% uptime and you can scout all over the map. It's good stuff.

Tier 4 - Level 10 Top

The ultimate tier.
  • Ancestral Healing - Good - It heals stuff, but beware of the delay before the heal, might mess with you, so putting a Lightning Shield on the target as you wait for your big heal to pop is never a bad thing.
  • Bloodlust - Decent - Not a bad ultimate in and of itself, especially if your team is on the hunt and can dish out that extra necessary damage with it. The heal however, trumps this in my book.

Tier 5 - Level 13 Top

Essentially, there's two talents to pick from in this tier.
  • Healing Surge - Good - My current choice of talent in this tier. Really nice addition to your HW and with the added Lightning Shield-healing, you'll be doing massive amounts of healing late game. Also great to keep everyone in the team topped off.
  • Spell Shield - Avoid - The idea is good, but there's a couple of issues I have with it. It's not a toggle, so you can't control when you reduce your damage taken. It has about a 7% uptime which is horrible. Also, it only helps you, not your allies.
  • Lightning Totem - Avoid - Unless you've got a dire need to be able to interrupt instantly from a distance, I would avoid this talent. It has it's uses on maps that requires channeling to complete an objective, but you can still combo it without this talent.
  • Feral Lunge - Avoid - You're not a DPS.

Tier 6 - Level 16 Top

  • Tidal Waves - Good - This is what I use most of the time in this tier, as you've already stacked so much into HW, why not make it even better? As HW bounces once more with Healing Surge, this talent will proc as soon as you've got mates around you who have taken any damage. The Sustain Train is real!
  • Lightning Bond - Good - This is a solid talent, since it effectively lets you cast two shield at once, and also increases the healing done with healing wave on both those targets.
  • Earthgrasp Totem - Decent - This talent is pretty great. You can now chase a whole lot better, and don't ignore that one second root. The fact that you can keep them in place just long enough so they can't dodge and ultimate or two from your teammates can turn a fight. Really solid talent.
  • Blood for Blood - Decent - This isn't a bad talent. You gain health, they lose health, they're slowed. It's a nice tradeoff. The only problem I have with it is that it has a fairly long cooldown. I'd rather have an extra shield every six or eight seconds than steal 20% health once every minute.

Tier 7 - Level 20 Top

I'd say this tier is fairly weak for Rehgar, and leaves you with essentially one choice.

  • Storm Shield - Good - This is a really solid talent, especially if you're facing heavy AoE. Popping this during a Odin, Phoenix, Metamorphis etc. will be a huge boost to your teams survivability. The range is quite nice and although the uptime isn't great, the survivability it brings is huge!
  • Farseer's Blessing - Decent - If you use it properly, it's a huge heal for your team. In a big teamfight, if your team can cuddle up a bit safely, it's a 5k heal on your main target, plus a 1.3k heal on anyone around that target.
  • Gladiator's War Shout - Avoid - Since we're not going with Bloodlust, this talent doesn't really come into play. However, if you do pick it up, it sort of contests Storm Shield I guess. It's nice that it's now global, which means you can cast it to boost your push if you want/need to. I guess that you can cast it without breaking Ghost Wolf means you can also use your 120 second CD ultimate to boost your escape.

    Don't overextend and use Bloodlust to escape. Please.

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