Rehgar - Crowd Control by Turhaturpa

Rehgar - Crowd Control

By: Turhaturpa
Last Updated: May 30, 2015
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Build: Crowd Control

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With this build you're maximizing the crowd control with Earthbind Totems while making damage with them. I know it seems like a useless build compared to the "Meta" builds but I've found very much use for it.

After the level 20 when you have the Rewind talent you can place two totems to slow the enemy players and make about 200 damage per second for 5 seconds per totem (Lightning Totem talent). That's about 2000 damage at lvl 20 to all enemies in the radius during the 5 second if you place both of the totems next to each other, and the best thing is, the enemy players can't run away. This is good if the enemy team has lots of melee heroes, you dive in, place both of the totems to slow and deal damage while your teammates burst them to death while they aggro to you.

This build excels at chasing fleeing players. You can mount and go ahead of them and place both of the totems next to each other to make a slowing field to stop the fleeing players. Or if you're or your team is chased by enemy players you can put both of the totems in line. That'll make them stop chasing you.

I recommend using this build if you have Kael'thas or Jaina in your team, because they can burst the heroes after you've slowed them with totems.

Farsight is good for spotting enemy Zeratul and Nova, or scouting bosses and possible ganking places.

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