Right Click Like A Banshee by HateMAYker

Right Click Like A Banshee

By: HateMAYker
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2015
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Sylvanas Clickrunner Top

Not sure if anyone posted a similar build to this.
This build focuses on her Q and E. Being able to sustain damage to heroes with her Q while in lane and right clicking minions in order to utilize her Trait stun while refilling her quiver with her E makes her good for laning in early game. Her burst doesnt seem to be too crazy until later game when you pick up her ult and Blood For Blood. She'll probably be getting the nerfstick soon but the first three tier picks seem to be the strongest choices from what ive seen so far. Follow through guarantees a nearly constant 25% auto attack bonus when you time her Q and E correctly. Also, she can solo lane incredibly well due to her Trait stun affecting towers. You could easily stay out of range of one tower while focusing on the other with your auto attacks and your Q keeping it unable to attack while you burn it down.

There are a lot of other good builds i've seen that use Envenom as tier 2 and Shade Form for tier 3, but I've had much more success with this build given my personal playstyle.

Tiers 5 and 6 are really up to the flow of the game. If you find yourself getting burned down quick Spell Shield is a viable option for Tier 5. As for Tier 6, Will of the Forsaken seems like it could be a very useful defensive talent. Although i find the extra bit of dps and healing from BfB combined with a well placed Haunting Wave teleport is good enough to get you out of a sticky situation.

Feel free to comment and tell me how my build sucks.
This was my first guide so any feedback would be great!
Have fun!

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